Sunday, June 1, 2008

This month's plans changed already!

Played a couple hours on the weekend for an okay result in the end. Started off horribly when I ended up playing 3 handed versus a couple chumps. They would call everything, and given I was receiving quite a few premium hands, this would normally be a good thing. Unfortunately 63o was way too strong for QQ, KK was not good enough against 92s … etc. Dropped a good 25BBs on the $2/4 table on 24.

Managed to get half of that back on the $1/2 tables though, and made a quick 15BBs on a $3/6 table on Cake where one player was generous enough to bet/raise into me when I was holding the nuts.

Overall, I cleared $100 of my 24poker bonus, so now I have $400 left to clear.

However, I’ve already decided to shift my goals for the month (or 2 months). Found a new bonus that I’m going to grab which I think is a very attractive deal (non US players though unfortunately for you guys who are US based). For this deal, once cleared you get:

- $100 in sign up bonus
- $280 / or an ipod. (If you are a Euro player you get the ipod, if not you get the cash!)
- $100 approx in rakeback (30%)

To do this you have to earn 1,000 mpps by 31 July 2008. Which at the $2/4 level is probably around 1,500-2,000 hands. Now I think a return of somewhere between 25c and 35c per hand is a pretty good deal, and won’t take all that long to clear.

To sign up you need to go through Raketherake and sign up with Littlewoods (provided you don’t already have an account there). Again, here’s my link for anyone interested (and I’d greatly appreciate it)!!!

Looks like I’ll be a busy beaver clearing that bonus and finishing the 24 one. I'll also make sure I do the William Hill bonus too, but the others may have to take a back seat.

Current bankroll: $8,650

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