Tuesday, June 24, 2008

K7o ..u suck

Had a 40 minute session last night with what seems to be the typical terrible start on Littlewoods. Found a fantastic table with 2 big fish and one moderate fish, who promptly sucked out on the river on me 4 times in a row ... add in 3 missed flush draws and i'm down the 25BBs I buy into fixed limit tables with.

Fast forward 10 minutes though and the fish have donated it all back, only delivering a few more nasty suck outs, but generally they were calling me down when drawing virtually dead ... apparently any ace is good even on extremely dangerous boards and having a poor kicker ... Unfortunately though that table broke up so my last 15 minutes was not on a table as good as that one. Still found a fish, who also managed to drill me a couple times. His T6 was too good for my AJ when he called down my continuation bet and rivered a T.

K7 also appeared to be my nemesis hand. Twice I had AQ, flopped AKx and the river was a 7 only for villain to show down his K7o calling my raise.

Anyways even for the session, but so close to clearing the next $200 bonus on Littlewoods its not funny .. maybe 30 MPPs only to go!!!

Current bankroll: $8,900 (+360 Aug)

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nemo said...

perhaps it's a good thing i'm not playing at the stakes you're playing at. i would simply blow up on my opponents for calling a preflop raise with K7o haha.

And yes, those freerolls are quite a doozy. However, I cashed in another one just yesterday. 3000+ runners, took down 53rd. Not too shabby.