Monday, June 23, 2008

Tight(ish) play

Only had time for a very small 15 minute session, and only really received 2 hands of note in the whole session. Played basically pretty tight for folding several weak aces where I may occasionally play them and get myself into trouble.

The first hand of note was when a big fish limped in UTG (VPIP 100%!!! PFR 10%) and I was in the small blind with A8o, when it was folded to me. I reraised to isolate and the button folded as I hoped making it heads up. Flop was A84r, which the limper raised, so I reraised, he called. Turn was a K, which didn't really bother me all that much as I figured he would have probably raised preflop with AK. He donked again so I reraised, which he called. River was an 8 which filled me up. Again he donked into me with a raise, so I reraised again. He called and flipped over A3o ... thanks for the donation!

The only other hand I was in the big blind with K8o, one early position limper (an 80% wtsd over 70 hands .. wtf does he never fold?) and the SB (unknown) also called. Flop was AAK with 2 clubs. SB checked, I bet, and both call. Hmmm .. fair chance i'm in front here if SB shows weakness again. The turn is a 3rd club which SB checks again, I bet hoping to take down the pot, but limper calls. SB folds, so now its heads up - maybe he has a flush (although he surely would have raised??), but I still doubt he has the A, so I call. River is another club which is really really ugly for me as neither of my cards are clubs. Limper bets, and I decide to make a crying call, and he flips over Q8o for a stone cold bluff. Ship it.

Overall made about 12BBs plus got credited with the $70ish in rakeback cash from the weekend.

Current bankroll: $8,900 (+360 August)

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Renee said...

Good poker roll. It's not huge, but i see you don't spend a lot of hours on it, so pretty impressive. Good playing.