Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Respecting my raises?

I've read a few people posting on their blogs that they have moved up limits so that people will respect their raises.

Are you guys crazy?? I want people to be calling my raises light. Any time my AA gets called by A6 or some other trash I know i'm in a great position to win a fair few extra bets, particularly if another A flops. Yes you do get sucked out on more often because you will be up against more opponents, but for every suckout you probably win an extra 10BBs from them, and probably more. These are the players I make my profit out of, and if it weren't for these guys, there's no way i'd be making any money out of poker. Of course I complain about the nasty beats though :) ... but what makes me even more than those beats are those guys calling me down with trash when I have a moderate (but winning) to monster (and dominating) hand.

In my brief session last night on Littlewoods, I managed to get sucked out on about 5 times, which was starting to get annoying by these guys calling very light. J4o in the big blind beat my A9s UTG raise, my AK went down to A6o when a 6 hit on the river .. etc etc.

However, in the same session I had one guy call with 4c5c in the SB when I had raised from the CO with Ah5h. I suspect that might be a half reasonable call at Nolimit against a small raise, but I can't see how that can be a good call in Limit Holdem. Anyways, the flop came 8h3h2h which gave me the nuts, barring the board pairing by the river. He raised, and I chose to flat call the flop, which is probably one of the very very few times that I have ever slowplayed a flop. (I'm still not sure it was the right decision). Turn was something like the Js, which he raised, and at this point I reraised. Now to me, someone flatting the flop and then raising the turn indicates a pretty big hand usually, and he called my reraise. The river was the Ac which effectively gave him the nut straight, which was obviously still losing to any flush, which I had. He has then raised and 3 bet me on the river, which of course I capped and took down a $90ish pot. I think he was way too aggressive on the river, although in his position I probably would have put in a single raise. Although possibly I would have let it go on the flop whilst the pot was so small. (I would actually have folded preflop most likely unless the raiser was raising light and often folded postflop).

There were probably a few other good examples of hands where those guys should not have called my raise preflop and got burnt, when they were dominated, but none of them come to mind at the moment.

I played a little on 24poker, although there weren't many tables running, and those that were, were very tight. Given the significant bonus i'm earning on there, its still probably +EV to play there when the tables are tight, but i'm not going to make much (if anything) from actual play winnings. I ran into a bit of trouble with their live support though, as they stated I hadn't played enough hands to clear my next $50 in bonus. Thinking about it now, I'm absolutely positive that I have, so I will hit them up again tonight. I think it depends a bit on which support person you get as to whether or not they get it right .....

Current Bankroll: $8,650

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