Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A great table ...

.... but card dead. ack

Found almost the perfect table (but not quite the best seat) in a very short session (maybe 20 mins). Two huge fish, one 85/0/.2/19 and the other 76/0/.4/60, one aggro fish 60/30/3/20 and a couple other tight passives. I played around 50 hands, and I think I only entered the pot voluntarily 4 times outside of the big blind. I did see 72o quite a few times, which was extremely frustrating, and the one time I start with AQ, one of the fish calls me down and hits his second pair on the river and shows 87s. My only other decent starting hands were 88, which was dog meat on the flop of AKQ, and then I hit 55 on a flop of K87. I would probably have played the 55 hand except it got raised and was 3 handed post flop. Bit disappointing to see a 5 hit on the river, but one guy showed down AA and the other K4o so it was a good fold.

Dropped about 4BBs there before I had to quit .. i really wanted to stay playing on such a fantastic table, but had to go. I did make up for that small loss on another table though, but that table only had one real fish, and a few TAGs so I had to quit that when the fish sat out.

On the cash out front I successfully transferred some cash to the prepaid card, and cashed out $1k the other day, so its nice to know I can actually get my money out from the online world!

Current bankroll: $8,900 (+$280 pending in Aug)

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nemo said...

the roll is looking good m8! someday i'll be as disciplined as you at the tables. for now, i'll take my chances and prolly go broke =P