Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bonus getting even better!

Another quick session last night, firstly on Party to ensure I don't lose my bonus ranking there. Turned out to be a stupid decision, as I managed to lose a quick $50 to earn about $0.50 in bonus cash. (Won't play party again until I have a good reload or free cash!!). Didnt actually play badly, but suffered a few pretty nasty beats.

Littlewoods has given me a bit of a turn around story. For some reason my premium hands are still not holding up all that often, although they are improving, but my other more speculative hands continue to do well. In my database, AQs has now hit 3 times and is a decent winner. KQs has also gone from a loser to a winner. AA continues to bite me, when it came up against 97o..... dont ask. AK has made a slight recovery winning once and losing once since last time, but the win was significantly bigger than the loss. From having 2 wins from 15 sessions, I now have 9 wins from 22, which is 7 wins in a row - maybe i'm not a complete loser!!

Had one small highlight, where a a very aggro muppet had lost a couple hands to me where I let him do the betting into my top pair and he showed down bottom pair once, and J high the other time. (No idea why he called that one, as I was value betting the river each time). He then 3bet me from the BB to my button raise when I had AJ and hit the A on the flop. Of course he bet every street to hit his runner runner straight holding 67o. Very next hand I have J9s in the CO and raise pre again, and again he reraises. Hit my 9 on a T high flop, so I bet and he raises. Time for call down mode, until I hit another 9 on the river, so I raise his river bet. He calls and shows KK ... oops ... but I figure I was owed that one! He might actually not be a complete muppet as he then left the table rather than tilting off his whole buy in.

Ended up making a good 30BBs all up, and cleared some more points to get credited with $100 in bonus cash. Was happy with my table selection discipline too, and was quick to shut down any tables when the fish left.

On to bonuses - Littlewoods has increased their bonus for June as a 'summer promotion'. Effectively now my 1,000mpps will earn me $200 in bonus cash, $280 in lieu of the ipod, and approx $100 in rakeback - an extra $100 over my initial estimate which i thought was a great deal in the first place. Actually also if I do another 500mpps on top of that, I will gain another $200 in bonus (and probably around $50 in rakeback). So I might consider doing that as well now that I think about it.

Current Bankroll: $8,350

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