Monday, June 30, 2008

Investigating new deals

Played all of 15 minutes to end about square on 24poker although should be closer to clearing another $50 in bonus there. I will have to check tonight exactly how much bonus I have to go there, as there is no system and you have to contact their customer service every time you want to be paid any bonus.

No real hands of interest although I did play a few hands heads up, praying that the table would quickly fill as it had a waiting list. Unfortunately it didn't. And even less fortunately I was getting smashed on the table, where nothing was hitting, and the one time I hit two pair, my opponent had a bigger 2 pair. A few muppets on my other tables did pay me off though so the session wasn't too bad.

I'm investigating a new deal that is on Bodog. I've been wanting to open an account on that site for a while, since it allows US players it should have reasonable traffic. It also limits the number of tables you can have open at one time, so generally there should be fewer sharks / grinders. Will let everyone know how it goes, and might need to add another link for my rakeback/bonus providers on the right there.

Current Bankroll: $9,300 (+360 Aug)

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