Sunday, June 22, 2008

Great Table + Great Position = Big Downswing???

I'm not sure how the math in my title works .. but it really was getting annoying.

I managed to drop 100BBs in 3 hours on the $3/6 tables, where it appeared every time I had a made hand I'd get rivered, and every flush draw seemed to miss.

The main table that I was on was great ... I was sitting to the left of a guy running at 85/30/1.2/45 so he was playing almost every hand. The remainder of the table had a couple tags, one of which showed down way too much and a couple other fish.

Problem for me was that every time I had fishy dominated .. say AK v A8 .. of course the A would flop and the 8 would then hit on the turn or river. I had QQ and JJ a few times, and got rivered by an A and a K 6/8 times, when the chasers had at best their 3 outs. Add on the times when I have KK v fishy with 85, and his 8 flops and 5 rivers and all up you get a pretty frustrating session.

I actually did have a lot of playable starting hands, although I missed 6 flush draws in a row, and then hit two, only to be beaten by a larger flush both times. One of my draws also had an OESD to the nut straight, which also missed in a 30BB pot which was won by a single pair!! That pot alone would have made a big improvement to my final figures. There were 2 other 25BB pots that I also lost when my made hand (trips) got rivered by the flush draw hitting. I guess the story of my day came down to flopping the nut straight versus my opponent with an overpair, and him being in very bad shape, turning still the nut straight, which gave my opponent trips, and finally the river pairing the board giving him a full house for another 25BB pot ... ARGH.

The only positive for the session was that I didnt tilt too much .. although said a few choice words in the chat box .. i really gotta stop doing that. Also the fact that I cleared some more MPPs helped, so i'm now only around 180 MPPs short of clearing the next $200 bonus cash, and should receive another $40 in rakeback with any luck.

Oh and it appears i'm also in the money in the rake race so could make an extra $150 to $250 in bonus cash by the end of the month.

I keep thinking i'm having a horrible month on the poker tables, which I guess technically is true, however, I am actually still up $250 in cash at the moment plus the extra $360 i've earned in bonus cash to be paid in August. So in the bigger picture i'm still up over $600 for the month so I really can't complain at all. (and hopefully will be even more when i clear these last couple bonuses).

Current bankroll: $8,750 (plus $360 in Aug)

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nemo said...

Damn, the poker god's were not with you during that session. Crazy drop in your roll there m8. As for me, I'm broke haha.