Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Internet down

My ISP was down for the first time that I can actually remember in the last 3 years.

Extremely annoying as I probably could have put in a good one hour session.

Oh well. I wonder if they will refund me for my foregone winnings?


nemo said...

Damn, that always sucks man.

Colossos159 said...


really like your blog. I started at Limit but once I had this terrible downswing because people kept sucking out on me on the river and I switched to no limit where you can at least properly defend your hand and get better reads. I'd really like to start playing Limit again but would need some reading. Can you give me any advice in books about 6max Limit Holdem? I already own "Small stakes Holdem:Winning Big with expert play" by Miller and Sklansky but this book is outdated because it is mainly about full ring limit and expects every "villain" to be super loose which is not the case anymore nowadays.

Thx in advance,

parttimebonuschaser said...

cheers colossos, glad to see at least a few people are reading!

I agree with your opinion on that books .. its kinda useless for 6max.

I wrote in an early entry on book selection, so i'll be lazy and just do a copy and paste:

"I purchased Stoxtrader's book, 'winning in tough holdem games' and 'Limit Hold'em: Winning Short-handed Strategies' by Terry Borer. Admittedly I do make a few adjustments because I play in softer games, but i'd highly recommend the books."

I started with Stox. Both are good though. Preflop Stox has some more aggressive starting hand ranges I think, but the second one is a bit clearer on when to overlimp.

Post flop I think both are quite good .. and the borer one has a fair bit on heads up as well .. which to be honest I haven't really read that part as I dont play heads up limit as the rake is way too high.