Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Getting colder!!

Another terrible session for me, including the usual horrendous beats. Had my AA flop A74r and obviously someone with 96s calls down and hits their runner runner flush for a 17BB pot. Next hand I recieve AK, and flop AK2r. Obviously get called down by QTo who hits their J on the river for another 20BB pot.

Manage to lose with AA again about 4 hands later. Talk about a roller coaster ... AA WOOHOO ... turn, river ... lose showdown ARGH! I then score QQ .. A on the river of course to lose, get AK again and flop AA7r, runner runner flush again to lose. Also managed to lose another AA to 52o again with the straight hitting on the river - that must be my bogey hand.

Overall I managed to drop another 90BBs (at $2/4). Maybe i've developed some leaks in my game?? I had a quick check of pokertracker.

On littlewoods, out of my 15 tables played, I have won 2 sessions. Normally I would win 8 of those. Weird.

Checked my summary tab on Pokertracker to find if there were any hands in particular that were costing me heaps. Some of my big losers are AA, AKs, AK, AQo (haven't even had AQs yet), ATs, AT, KK, KQs, KQ, KJs (actually not a single K hand is green), QQ, QJs, TT, 99, 88. I guess I should be happy that at least JJ is currently a winner?? Sheesh.

At least i've cleared almost half of the requirements for my Littlewoods bonus .. although at this rate the bonus will be less than what i've lost!!! I'm sure my hands will start holding up soon though! I won't include any of the bonus in my bankroll though until it clears.

Current bankroll: $8,100

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