Thursday, June 19, 2008

Maniac hands me the cash!

Finally had a great session on Littlewoods. Found an awesome table with 3 fish to my right, and the biggest maniac i've ever seen on my left.

My mate the maniac gave me a huge stack of BBs on the 3/6 table .. probably 50 all by himself. He would reraise preflop with stuff like 23o and then bet and raise on all streets. He even 6 bet me on the turn once when he had his 23o and I had top two pair. He also 6 bet the river a couple times when I had the absolute nuts ... he folded to my 7 bet though :( ... i was hoping to take his whole stack in one hit.

Funny thing is, for the first hour, this guy was actually winning and had built up his stack from about $150 to $300 ... before it all went pear shaped for him and he gave almost all of it to me.

Oh yeah .. forgot to say I have the day off work so I put in about 4 hours on the tables this morning so it was a pretty decent session.

I earned a heap of MPPs as well so i'm looking forward to seeing how much rakeback i've also taken in during the session. I earned enough MPPs to hit the next goal to earn another $80 from Littlewoods as well!

Current bankroll: $9,300 (+360 in Aug)


nemo said...

Getting closer to that lovely $10,000! Keep up the good work m8!

Colossos159 said...

you are crushing the limit games in which I have so much difficulties. Congrats

parttimebonuschaser said...

bit of a turnaround on the weekend, but i'm sure i'll make it back again quick enough :)