Monday, June 16, 2008

Still super cold ... but withdrawing some cash

I still can't seem to take a trick. In another small session I again dropped 10BBs, but could easily have made a big pile of cash. Unfortunately I was beaten a fair few times by a couple fish (80/10/.5/50) who then gave my cash away to a couple other strong players. I'm running at a ridiculously horrible -5BB/100 on Littlewoods now.

At least my KK held up this time. Although I also had an overpair 3 times to someone's under lower pair who hit trips each time. Blah.

I did however receive $50 in rakeback from my play over the weekend, so that at least made up for the loss, for a nil effect on my total bankroll.

I also realised I had $3.5k lying around on Cake, so figured I may as well withdraw some of that partly to make some ready for use on other sites, and the other chunk I will withdraw completely and invest in a high interest account. Since i'm an Aussie, its pretty easy to just withdraw to Neteller, and then reload their prepaid card. I will try to withdraw some cash today and see how it goes.

Now that I think about it I will also accrue any interest on my withdrawal from my poker bankroll. (However, I will only do this after I have effectively earnt enough to cover any interest that I would have earned on my initial deposit onto Fulltilt). Even if it was only $2k it would still earn $160 per year in interest, which is a nice little addition to the bankroll.

Current bankroll: $8,750 (plus $280 to come from Littlewoods in Aug)


nemo said...

I wish Netteller was still open to US players. However, I had no idea you from Australia. I had figured you were from the UK. I guess you learn something new everyday.

Renee said...

nemo- neteller is my fav way to deposit. Great job on the increase with the bankroll...