Monday, June 2, 2008

another cooler

I guess it was overdue, but had a brief, but nasty little session of only about half an hour - which also happened to be my first session on Littlewoods. Hopefully they go better in future!

In that time though I managed to lose 60BBs ... although fortunate in some ways, 50 of them were at the $1/2 tables and 10BBs at the $2/4 tables.

It was just one of those sessions where nothing goes right. I had a massive fish next to me, although unfortunately on my left. He had a VPIP of 90% so was basically seeing every hand, even to a raise, and then either calling or raising with bottom pair all the way to showdown, so my position really didn't matter too much. What was bad for me though was that I was scoring premium starting hands a LOT to give me a VPIP of around 40% but everytime I was involved in a hand with the fish, he'd actually suck something out.

My AA got cracked by 52o when his runner runner straight hit, my KK got cracked by J9 with a turn J and river 9, My AJ got cracked by A3 (where he reraised my raise preflop!!!). My JJ got done by a river A. No flush draws hit and I missed three OESDs. (As I said, I received a LOT of premium hands!!). What was even more annoying was the other guys at the table were calling my fish down with A high or even worse and were beating him, effectively transferring my cash to them! ARGH. I slightly tilted in one hand calling down with A high on a very dangerous board, which I think was just after he beat me on another hand with 82o v my AKs.

Oh well, I'll get it back next time .. and i've already earned about 60 MPPs towards my 1000MPPs to clear the $480ish worth of bonus.

Current Bankroll: $8,500

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