Sunday, June 15, 2008

Card dead ... thank god for bonuses!

Well, I continue to get slaughtered on Littlewoods. Got in a good 5 hours on the weekend, but only 2 of them in peak time. The other 3 hours I was lucky to find a single table running between Littlewoods, 24poker and cake.

Overall on Littlewoods from actual play I dropped probably a little under 100BBs ($450). Over half of that was in my last session of a little under an hour, and probably 2 key pots contributed to that, where in both I had the nut straight, only for the river to pair the board to give my opponent a full house in one hand, and then in the second the turn and river brought a runner runner flush. Each of those pots was around $100 or 25BBs each!!

A quick check of my pokertracker stats showed actually how cold I ran on the weekend. I had a VPIP of around 20% instead of my normal 28-30% which shows how few starting hands I was receiving. My WTSD% was about 26% which is hugely lower than my usual 38%, which means that even though I wasn't seeing many flops with the low VPIP, I was still not flopping to my hand often enough to get to showdown. (And from memory I missed almost every flush draw so that low number does make sense to me too). My W$SD was even sicker, at around 30% instead of up around 50%. So even when I did get to the showdown, I was getting slaughtered. Even with decent hands a lot of the time.

Over those 1,200 hands over the weekend, i've not actually received AA, KK, or JJ. ARGH. AKs and AQ are also big losers, as well as QQ.

Part of it was my own fault though, as I wasn't picky enough on table selection, and played on a table that was a bit tighter than usual, with only one really fishy player. It seemed however, that everyone was able to outdraw me, including the fish!

Interestingly enough though, when I played on William Hill to clear my $50 for 5 hours bonus, I was playing against the same players as those on Littlewoods, but on the $1/2 tables. There I managed to actually win 100BBs in no time. Pity the stakes were smaller though!!

In the end I did manage to clear $200 in bonus from Littlewoods, as well as $50 from William Hill, so I actually ended up square for the weekend's effort. Thank god for that, as it wasn't looking pretty otherwise! Come to think of it, my rakeback for the weekends play hasn't been credited yet either, so I am probably still actually in front by about $60. Could easily have been much much better though.

Anyways, the next goal is to get another 500 MPPs on Littlewoods for another $80 in bonus, and around $50 more in rakeback, followed by another 1,000 MPPs for another $200 bonus plus around $100 in rakeback by the end of the month. I'm also well over halfway to clearing another $50 on 24poker too, so that should boost the bankroll slightly as well.

Current Bankroll: $8,750 (plus $280 to come from Littlewoods in Aug)

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