Thursday, June 12, 2008

A small week

Well after a huge start to the week of 4 hours over the long weekend, i've managed to put in a whole 5 hours for the entire week in total.

Nevertheless, given I started the week on $8,350 the return for my 5 hours of effort has actually been quite good.

I did the live chat thing with 24poker again as planned, and asked them to credit my next $50 in bonus which they did without me playing a further hand. Guess I got the right person this time! Also played all of 20 minutes last night on Littlewoods on the $2/4 and $3/6 tables. I had promptly lost around $60 to some big fish. My AA still managed to get beaten by two pair hitting on the river and I think AA is now a losing starting hand on Littlewoods for me again. ARGH.

However, the fishies continued to chase and call down, several times when they had top pair and no kicker and I had top pair and top kicker. They ended up giving me my losses back quite quickly when I also hit my nut flush a couple times - although one was only a small win as the villian folded on the 4 flush board. Ended up making about 10BBs between the tables, so up around $50.

Should be able to play at least one decent size session this weekend, so hopefully I can continue to run reasonably well.

I'm also only 20 points from clearing the $280 bonus (in lieu of ipod) on littlewoods, so that is not going to take very long at all. Its only paid out in August though, so I won't count it in my bankroll until its actually been paid.

And Colossus - refer to my comment response in the previous post!

Current Bankroll: $8,750


Colossos159 said...

Thx for the advice. I'll purchase both books. Funny thing: after asking you for some literature yesterday, I started playing 0,10/0,20 Limit Hold em just for fun (I used to play higher) and to get the feeling back. In 160 hands I was 9,6$ up :-). About 60BB/100hands. I know I was running quite good but it is incredible with what these fish are calling AND RAISING with. I'll continue this evening (if I'm not too drunk) and see if I can sustain this winrate.
ps: what is your 'normal' winrate?

parttimebonuschaser said...

My normal rate is anywhere between 1 and 3 PTBB/100.

Currently i'm a loser from play on Littlewoods where I cant seem to get too many good hands. I will work it back up though.