Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A win on Littlewoods?

Well, bugger me, after the usual start of a session on Littlewoods where I dropped a quick 20BBs against one muppet, I actually managed to come back and end up in the positive.

My key losing hands were QQ on a KQ2r flop, which got 6 bet on the flop before I finally called, figuring he must have had the nuts (good onya Crypto .. I guess there's no cap to the betting on any street?). I decided to call down after that, and when the turn was a 9 and river a 4, I ended up with the trips I started with. Muppet then showed JTo, so he actually 6 bet the flop with only 8 outs, but actually hit it on the turn. ARGH

Next hand I have AK, and his A8 obviously beats me when the flop is A8x. Couple hands later I have 22 and raise which he calls. Flop of JJ8. He calls my raise on the turn of a 3 and then the river pairs the board again with an 8. I decide to b/f and he calls my bet and shows down 76o to take the pot with 7 high ... no pair, no draw ... WTF???

However, after that I found a seat at a great table, with one fish sitting directly on my right with a VPIP of about 75, PFR of about 5, AF of 0.5 and a WTSD of around 50%. Almost the perfect fish! And he started with a stack of around $200 which he luckboxed up to $300 off a couple other guys on the table. Of course he sucked out a couple early on me as well, and I was beginning to think here we go again, but then he proceeded to call me down several times when I had top pair or better and he had literally nothing. I also flopped a fullhouse at one stage and someone again called me down, and later I managed a bit of a suck out against a decent aggro opponent with my A2s preflop v AK with a flop of 652r ... although at least I flopped a pair and when my opponent didn't bet the blank river I figured I was in front still.

By the time the fish left he had around $100 left, and I probably had about $100 of what he had lost. In the end I made about $50 on Littlewoods. Not a big win, but at least a step in the right direction.

I checked my Pokertracker stats, and I have actually been showing down too much on Littlewoods which is contributing to my losses there. I am around a 44% WTSD where i'd rather be a little under 40% so i'm obviously calling down or betting too much when I am behind. The last session actually dropped my WTSD to 43.5% so hopefully I can keep playing well (or hitting good cards if my WTSD stays so high).

I also picked up $50 in bonus from 24poker last night, so I have about $250 to go in bonus $ there, and also finished the monthly $50 from William Hill, and won around 20BBs on the table at the same time, so it turned out to be a reasonable session.

Current Bankroll: $8,900 (plus $280 in August from Littlewoods)

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