Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 2009 Summary

Well, I really didn't get in a lot of volume in July with only 16 hours played, but ran pretty hot to have a quite solid result for the month. Can't even remember much happening of interest during the month, except my three quads session. Actually had very few losing sessions, so that's probably why I don't remember too much - its the losses and bad beats that tend to stick in your head.

In hindsight though, its my first $1k month for a while, so that's a bit of a relief that i'm not going too far wrong lately.

Last month's goals for July:
  • Clear as much of my Bodog reload bonus as possible (cleared about $30ish)
  • Clear some of my Cake reload that I received at the end of May & June (cleared about $20ish)
  • Play some more Pacific if it seems fishy (played quite a few hands there from $1/2 to $3/6 - seemed fishy although not overly so this month)
  • Spend some more poker points and hopefully convert some to cash (fulltilt?) (nope)

The gain of $1,150 for the month was made up of:

Bonuses/vip/rakeback: $180

  • Bodog $30
  • Cake $40
  • Pacific $100
  • Fulltilt $10
Poker bankroll Interest: $60

Poker profits: $910

For August the goals in order of priority are:

  • Clear as much of my Bodog reload bonus as possible and hopefully hit some fishy $4/8 tables
  • Clear some more of my Cake reload that I received at the end of May & June
  • Play some more Pacific if it seems fishy
  • Spend some more poker points and hopefully convert some to cash (fulltilt?)
Current bankroll: $19,700
May time played: 16h30m
May profit / (loss): $1,150

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dodgey connection

Planned on putting in a good 1-2 hour session last night, but that got off to a false start when I logged into Bodog, fired up a table, and then the connection to Bodog froze before the big blind even got to me.

Fired up Pacific to see if that was working and had a similar problem even connecting to their servers. Very rare for the internet to give me any problems, and for some reason google was still working 100% fine.

So, know that it's an incredibly bad move to try to play with even a slightly dodgey connection, I moved over to the Wii for some grand slam tennis action for half an hour or so. Must admit its a great game, and once i've won the grand slam on medium difficulty I think i'll give it a go on hard.

After half an hour or so I jumped back onto the tables, and found that my connection was back to 100%, so quickly opened a few more at the $1/2 to $3/6 levels. Couldn't find too many fishy tables, but the one's I did find were great. I had one player on a table who was seeing 90% of flops and 90% of showdowns with an aggression factor of zero. The ultimate calling station, who donated me a good 10 or 20BBs alone.

Not too many interesting hands though, and the session ran quite smoothly, making a couple BBs at $3/6 where I was relatively card dead, a few more at $2/4 where again I hardly saw any hands, and then about 30BBs at $1/2 where a few fish just gave their money away. I did make what I thought were a few thin river value bets that I'd normally not make, but I figured since I was against total fish, even if they did nail me from time to time, i'd win more than I lost. This proved to be a good strategy against the calling stations.

Current bankroll: $19,650
July time played: 16h
July profit/(loss): $1,100

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ignorance can produce a nice surprise

I played a solid half hour last night, and suffered what seemed to be beat after beat after beat.

What made it worse was that it was being done by a couple of aggro muppets who would 3 bet stuff like third pair on a board where I had top pair only to river three of a kind, or another guy who 3 bet me on a flush and straight board on the turn where I held the flush only for the board to pair on the river to give him a boat.

I guess its not hard to understand why those types of hands are particularly annoying. I find the fish just calling down and hitting their miracles somewhat less annoying.

On the flip side when they miss, I guess the aggro guys do pay you off quite well.

It's human nature though to just remember the nasty beats and not all those regular wins where you just bet each street with the best hand and it holds up, or you even produce a suckout of your own.

I was sure i'd suffered a horrible session with a couple of those beats being in 20BB pots, however, once i'd closed down all my tables and tallied up where I was at for the day, I found that I was actually slightly up for the session. Add on some rakeback, and it wasn't too bad at all. Who says ignorance of where you're at doesn't come in handy sometimes?

Current bankroll: $19,600
July time played: 15h30m
July profit/(loss): $1,050

Monday, July 27, 2009

Raining quads

Well, relatively speaking as I hit quads three times in my half hour session.

First was with AA on a flop of AAK where everyone folded to my flop bet. Disappointing, but there's not much you can do.

A little later on I have A8 and flop J88, turn 8 .. and I get called down by two opponents. Nice

Then at the end of my session after a couple nasty beats I have 44 and flop 4h8hQh turn 8 to give me a boat which my opponent 3 bets me with which I cap, and river a 4 to give me the 2nd nuts where he just calls my raise for another nice pot.

Overall I ended up around 20BBs on a juicy $1/2 table and about 10BBs on a $3/6 table which could have easily been a lot more apart from a couple nasty 2 outers on the very last orbit of my session.

Good to get the weekend's losses back fairly quickly though.

Current bankroll: $19,550
July time played: 15h
July profit/(loss): $1,000

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bit of a hiccup

..... but most damage averted

Put in a few solid session over the weekend for almost three hours in total.

Started horrendously, and within the first and second sessions of the weekend I was down almost 100BBs at $1/2. Most of that was at a table where I had a 67/3 guy on my right and on his right was a 82/4 fish. Almost a dream table in theory ... but with results that sucked.

I then took that form to the $3/6 tables where on one table I dropped a quick 25BBs within the space of about 10 minutes where I got two outered on a couple big pots on the river. Add another $3/6 table where the very last hand of my session I lost set over set for another 10BB loss and my weekend was starting to look pretty ugly.

Eventually though things started going back my way and I recovered a solid 40BBs on the $1/2 tables, and another 20 or so on the $2/4 tables. I then found a very juicy looking $5/10 table where I sat down with one big fish on my right. One orbit later when i'm on the BB he leaves, so that ruined the table for me so I set myself to not auto post the blinds for the next orbit. In that hand I was dealt a fantastic 76o and was facing a raise and cold caller, so I decided to come along for the ride thanks to the cold caller. Flop of Q63r was not a terrible flop for me, but I was out of position which kinda sucked. However, a turn and river of 7 and 6 allowed me to get in a nice check raise and I left about 10BBs up after getting no more hands in that final orbit.

Add on a bit of rakeback and i've lost about $100 for the weekend, but it actually felt pretty good to recover that much and even end with a loss of that size.

For those of you looking for a bit of a time waster check out and feel free to add me to your posse - code kursbsk

Current bankroll: $19,450
July time played: 14h30m
July profit/(loss): $900

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cake rakeback now paid weekly

Cake has now made the move to weekly instead of monthly rakeback payments which I think is a good move in that it should attract a few more players to the network.
Given the bankroll I run on there it's not going to make a big difference to me but i'll never complain about getting money sooner than later!

If interested as always make sure you sign up to a solid rakeback deal and here's where I give the link to my new rakeback affiliated site - Bonus Chasing Grinder Rakeback - Feel free to click through.

I actually hit up a few Cake $3/6 tables last night as they were looking pretty fishy, and promptly found a new fish that I need to hunt down whenever he plays. The first hand I saw him play was where he raised utg, and then fired again on the flop, turn and river before flipping over 63o on a KJ872 board. I was licking my lips. Obviously it didn't take long for him to bust out his 20BBs but at least he gave a few to me.

Ten minutes later I found him playing on another $3/6 table, with a vacant seat on his left. Could not believe my luck and sat down there as well. This time his 25BB stack lasted a good 15 minutes, and again he donated a fair bit of it to me. Happy days.

In total I probably played a good hour and a half, which is the longest session that i've played in a while - and another profitable one at that.

Current bankroll: $19,550
July time played: 11h30m
July profit/(loss): $1,000

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Followed by a tiny cooler

Can't really complain that a super hot run is followed by a small cooler - although once again it could easily have been another solid session apart from a couple nasty beats.

I actually started pretty hot again, up about 15BBs in the first five minutes. Again hitting solid hands regularly, and that continued through the session. What didn't continue was when i'd hit my TPTK with say KJ and allowing me to check/raise the flop was then blanks on the turn and river. Each time i'd get called and the turn or river was almost always an A for my fishy mates to hit their three outer.

Not all bad though as I only ended about 20BBs down and even that was mainly on the $1/2 tables. Could very easily have gone the other way though and would have been nice to report another winning session.

I also realised i'd miscategorised a player who had been running at something like 60/50 with a70% wtsd for his first 50 hands so I figured he was pretty much a maniac. Come 100 hands and he's back to around 35/25 which puts him much closer to a LAG/TAG that i'd always try to avoid. On realising this and with him to my right I decided to quit that table.

Hoping to put in a bit longer session tonight.

Current bankroll: $19,400
July time played: 10h
July profit/(loss): $850

Monday, July 20, 2009

A hot 15 minutes

Only a brief update, as I didn't have long to play last night, but had one of those sessions where I just couldn't miss.

Admittedly I didn't actually hit too many monster hands either, just my TPTK was holding up most times against opponents who would chase without even having an overcard let alone any type of draw. Plus every time I called down a super aggro opponent with my 2nd or 3rd pair, it would actually hold up when he'd show down air.

Overall: 40BBs at $1/2, 15BBs at $2/4 and 10BBs at $3/6 for a very tidy little session.

Current bankroll: $19,450
July time played: 9h30m
July profit/(loss): $900

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Freeroll - getting closer

Had a $5k freeroll with about 100 runners on the weekend, and was looking okay towards the end of the first hour. Blinds were starting to bite, although i'd built my stack from the starting 1,500 chips to 6,000.

Then on the last couple orbits until the break, I receive JJ in the SB. One shortish stack with less than 2k chips pushes all in from the CO which I obviously push all in to. AQ and the race is on. Flop Axx, and i'm back to 4k chips.

Very next hand I receive AKo, and get a min raise from the CO who is also short stacked with about 2k chips. I push in to take it down, and he calls with JTo. Flop Jxx, turn J ... ack.

I then get blinded/ante'd down a little bit before an early position limper faces a min raise which I decided to push against with KTo and a fairly short stack. Min raiser flips over AQo and flops an A. And i'm out.

On the plus side I did play a bit of cash at the same time, and at one stage after the tournament I had five tables running. Not huge profits but a steady result on every single table left me $100 up for the session which I really can't complain about as most tables were either $1/2 or $2/4. I did have one fantastic $5/10 table where I sat on the wait list for an hour, and still didn't get a seat which was disappointing, but you get that sometimes.

Current bankroll: $19,250
July time played: 9h
July profit/(loss): $700

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When aggro man hits a hand

.... Its inevitable that I also have a solid but losing hand.

Last night I found myself heads up against a 60/50 maniac with KK on the button and i'm just licking my lips at the prospect of a big pot. Capped heads up preflop and flop comes down AA6. I'm not that happy with seeing an A, but i'm still way ahead of his range where he's shown down complete trash even after a cap earlier.

Unfortunately for me, on this particular hand he ends up flipping over AA for quads.

At that stage i'd found myself 30BBs down in the space of 20 minutes on one of my tables - which again luckily was only a $1/2 table, and apart from the maniac was full of passive fish. I had looked for some bigger tables and had a couple $2/4 and $3/6 tables running from time to time, but any higher and it was a complete TAG/Rock fest. I guess I expect that though these days in the midweek off peak periods.

By the end of my session i'd recovered 20BBs on that table as finally a few of my hands held up against mr maniac, when he kept showing down trash. Add a few BBs on the other higher limit tables and I end the night actually up about $50 in total. Add on a nice little rakeback credit, and its a successful evening for the hour i've played.

Won't be playing tonight, so will be back Monday.

Current bankroll: $19,100
July time played: 7h30m
July profit/(loss): $550

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wasted energy worrying about progress

Don't get me wrong, its obvious I like to keep a detailed record of my results over time.

However, what I have noticed is that during a session, I really don't worry about where i'm at - whether i'm up or down, it's not really important to me. This allows me to play each and every hand on its own merits, combined with any reads on my opponents.

I suspect that if you did start worrying about your progress mid session, then it would inevitably impact the way that you played your hands. Even being on a hot run, and then being tempted to play more hands than usual is a form of tilt to be avoided. Thankfully for me, I have avoided this form of tilt, as well as the other form when you get hammered by several bad beats, and i'm sure it has served me well.

The only points at which I really start checking how i'm going at the tables is if I fall below the 12BB mark in my current stack where I will always reload. If you're less than that you can't cap every street, and may potentially be losing value if you hit a monster. The second point I check how i'm going is basically as I close every table at the end of my session to update my tracking spreadsheet.

In my 20 minute session last night which was spread mainly across a couple $2/4 tables, briefly a $3/6 table or two and a couple $1/2 tables I had the general feeling that I was doing okay but not great. It's kind of a nice surprise when I close down my tables and realise i'm up about 10BBs at all levels (with a 20BB gain on one $2/4 partly offset by a 10BB loss on the other).

On another note, my BB/100 on Bodog at $1/2 has finally moved back into the green at 0.00BB/100. Its funny that I can run like that over 34,000 hands ... and then run at 2.5BB/100 at Fulltilt over 30,000 hands, when i'm actually table selecting a lot more on Bodog than I ever did at Fulltilt. I guess that is variance for you, and my actual skill level is somewhere in the middle of those two.

Current bankroll: $19,000
July time played: 6h30m
July profit/(loss): $450

Monday, July 13, 2009

My new rakeback site:

Obviously I can't be buggered creating my own rakeback from scratch, so it's not exactly original, being more or less just an affiliate page through rtr, but hey, it will do the job. And anyone signing up will get the best possible rtr deal available with the comfort of their support and reputation.

All I need to do is draw up myself a decent logo and i'm set. Kind of a pity that I have the artistic ability of a small stone or some other inanimate object, but we'll see what I can do if I ever get around to it.

So for you guys who don't have a deal or affiliate for rakeback at a number of sites feel free to check it out:

On to poker news - I finally cashed in a Kamikaze .. for all of about $10. I think it was held at about 4am my time, so obviously I missed all the action, but hey, can't complain about any free money, given it only cost me some crappy Cake gold card like a 4 of spades. Bit of a pity that I couldn't win at least one more hand and it would have made me some decent cash.

My half hour session last night was a bit of a non event. Although I ended up about $50 in front, my stacks never really moved much. I did lose one 22BB pot where it was capped four ways preflop with me sitting on KK and flopped 762r. On the flop I got checkraised and with another caller I ended up just calling down. Obviously the check/raiser had TT, and turned another T. Grrrrr.

Current bankroll: $18,900
July time played: 6h
July profit/(loss): $350

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Running with muppets

Dropped my buy in (25BBs) on a $3/6 table in about half an hour over the weekend, where a few of my muppet mates seemed to call down and hit miracles time and time again. (well 3 or 4 outers anyways .... ). Interesting that I lost one 25BB pot when my flopped trips lost to a rivered gutshot. I'm sure the guy who chased it couldn't actually read the board, as it was extremely dangerous, but he kept calling anyways. That one hand would have been the difference between a losing and winning session. Such is often the way with limit holdem though.

The whole session was a bit of a struggle because the only time over the weekend that I could play was well outside of peak playing times.

This was offset partially by a 10BB win on a $2/4 table, which could also have been a lot bigger had another hand or two gone my way.

Played a home game with the boys on Friday night as well, and I luckboxed pretty hard to have a good night winning three games out of four in some super turbo equivalent NL holdem sitngos. Good sledging, good action, great fun.

Current bankroll: $18,850
July time played: 5h30m
July profit/(loss): $300

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mid 2009 review

Thought i'd better have a look back and see how i'm tracking for the year so far.

If I examine my goals from the start of the year:

Maintenance goals: (a continuation of what i'm doing now)
  • Results: Average approx $1k per month total return (inc rakeback). I will be more than happy with a bankroll of $26k by the end of 2009, with half of that offline in some income earning investment. Ideally it would be good to produce this result with fewer hours played at higher stakes. Result: Not a single month has returned $1k although I am playing fairly significantly fewer hours than last year - probably 15-25 per month rather than 30-40. A relatively poor year on the tables with 4 losing months which were made profitable by rakeback/bonuses.
  • Discipline: Only play on loose tables where I have good position on either a fish or maniac. Result: 100% achieved. I can't recall the last time i've stayed on a table where it's turned poor, or even sat in on a poor table
  • Discipline: Play within my bankroll and keep tracking results. Result: 100% achieved - although i'm still not tracking Cake as I understand it is against their conditions
  • Bonus chasing: Find at least one other long term site to play on (even if it a site I currently use on an irregular basis). Result: I probably should have recorded which regular sites I was on at the time of making this goal .... Now on Cake, Bodog, Fulltilt, and Pacific somewhat regulary. May add Microgaming to the list in the second half of the year
  • Bonus chasing: Continue to research and take up the best bonus deals to maximise my return. Result: Have been a bit slack here as i'm a bit more settled in regular rakeback deals. That being said I still take up all added bonuses
  • Research: Continue to check 2p2 and other forums a minimum of weekly for bonuses or specific site news and play advice. Result: 100% achieved
  • Research: check out other's blogs. Result: 100% achieved
  • Motivation: Maintain motivation through occasionally mixing it up with freerolls and double up sitngos. Result: 100% achieved although I am finding now that playing a lower volume is resulting in me staying motivated for as many cash games as I can get into
    Motivation: Do not push myself to play when I don't feel like it. Result: 100% achieved

Specific site reload goals:

  • Play the Bodog monthly reloads until conditions change making them not worthwhile. Result: 100% achieved - still playing them
  • Play the interpoker monthly bonuses until crypto is no longer EV+. Result: Unfortunately crypto is basically no more from my perspective
  • Take up the cake reloads whenever offered. Result: 100% achieved - still clearing although clearance rates have halved, MGR deductions have also disappeared
  • Pray for a fulltilt reload bonus .. I mean come on .. once every couple years sux. Result: My prayers go unanswered

New Goals from January 2009:

  • Tournaments: Finally tabling at least two freerolls (mainly for the practice). Although having this goal probably won't change whether I do or don't enter tourneys. Affiliate tourneys always appear to be good value. Result: Fail - although haven't had too many to enter this year so volume is a problem. Not a priority
  • Reading: Have a read of the harrington tourney books so that I can at least see the reasoning of why i'm making particular moves and apply it consistently. Result: Fail - and still not a priority
  • Stakes: Get back into more $3/6 tables and at least take a couple shots at $4/8 on Bodog (and with any luck stay permanently there!). Result: Achieved. Have played a bit of $4/8 on Bodog where i've run super cold. However, am also playing $5/10 when the tables look good and results have been exceptional over a very small sample size
  • Results: Improve my BB/100 by focussing more on seat selection than I did last year. Result: In theory successful. In practice - fail.
  • Other: Am I going to get into no limit cash games? Doubt it. Result: Haven't
  • Tracking: Get round to converting my PT database to SQL ... Result: oops. one day.

So ... apart from not actually having the best of results on the tables, i've still eeked out a bit of a profit every month which is somewhat reassuring. I've achieved or mostly achieved most goals that are a priority to me, so am happy with that as well.

Is there anything that I want to add for the last half of the year?

Well, not really. I'm hoping that my table and seat selection will start to show through in some more positive results on the table, and would like to also play a bit more at the $5/10 level, but those goals are both really encasulated in my goals from the start of the year.

Current bankroll: $18,950
Year to date profit/(loss): $3,150

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A different fish type

Found my new favourite fish type last night - the 80/5 guy that then goes to showdown only 20% of the time. If you bet/isolate and cbet you win 80% of the time without it even going past the flop. No risk, no stress of being sucked out on. Having him on my right and him dropping 30BB/100 was a huge bonus.

I'll have to look for him again in future.

An odd midweek session for me though - plenty of tables to choose from and the fish were out in force. On one brief $5/10 table though I just couldn't get a starting hand and over 60 hands i'd seen a total of 9 flops with a vpip of under 10%!! I could see the fish on my right gradually being cleaned out by another TAG, but just couldn't do anything about it. Frustrating, but you get the sometimes, and it could have been worse - the fish could have been sucking out on me.

At the same time I had a good $3/6 table running as well as a $2/4 and $1/2. Talk about mixing levels although I don't ever seem to get mixed up .... All three of those tables however ran okay, with at least two fish on my right, and I more or less ended 10BBs up on the two higher ones and 25BBs up on the $1/2.

Current bankroll: $18,950
July time played: 4h30m
July profit/(loss): $400

Monday, July 6, 2009

Closer in the Kamikaze

Entered my second Kamikaze last night with a $3k prize pool. At a cost of a Cake gold card (2 of spades or something like that) its not like i'll get any better value out of a common Cake gold card).

Check this morning and I am 600ish out of 2400 entered. Not enough to cash, but it looks like I must have survived the first hand - possibly with it being a split pot, as you'd think the first hand of a kamikaze should knock out about 2000 people if pots aren't split. Didn't do well enough to cash, but getting closer. Maybe next time i'll get lucky.

Played a bit of $1/2, $2/4 and $3/6 last night and things actually ran fairly smoothly. I was up about 30BBs at $1/2 and gave a few back when I decided it was time to stand up to the table maniac. I raised with AQ on the button and got 3 bet for about the tenth time by mr maniac on my left. That gave him a pretty broad range based on prior experience - any A, pocket pair, a fair few Ks and most suited connectors. On a flop of KK4r I decided this hand was worth a stand, although I wanted to see a showdown as cheap as possible. He donked the flop, I called, he bet a blank turn, I called. He checked a blank river.

Hmmm does he have air? I check behind as I have some showdown value, and he flips over KK for quads. Oops.

Anyways, I was about to quit at about $50 up in a bit under half an hour and was on my last orbit on the $3/6 table when I received KK preflop and got to cap it three ways. A J high flop had me looking pretty good so I bet out and got two callers. Turn of a 7 paired the other seven on the board, and my bet again got called. River of a King, and my one remaining opponent donks, which I obviously raise. He calls and shows QQ so was behind the whole way. Excellent, and now i'm up a good 8BBs on the $3/6 table as well before I fold the last couple hands and quit when its my big blind.

I also cashed out of Interpoker and received a windfall $100 with the foreign exchange difference from when I initally deposited there and won a few $. I had to look back on how i'd treated foreign exchange gains in the past, and noticed i'd charged a fx loss against my winnings for the month previously. So ... may as well add it back to winnings with a gain ...

Current bankroll: $18,800
July time played: 3h
July profit/(loss): $250

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blink and they disappear

Logged in only once on the weekend, and spotted about six tables containing plenty of fish.

I then had to go do something else for about 10 minutes, and when I get back, every single fish has disappeared. wtf?

Eventually a couple come back to a $3/6 and $5/10 table where I quickly take up position to the left of them. I don't think they even last 20 minutes, so my one and only session was cut short.

It ended about even on the $5/10 table where I missed a couple OESDs, but eventually had a TPTK hand hold up and stole a few blinds to get back square.

The $3/6 table only actually lasted a couple orbits before both fish on my right decided to bust out at the in the space of two hands. The first guy busted out with his A3 versus my A9 which was kind enough to flop an A to give him some hope. The second guy then busted to a TAG on my left when the fish cold called a raise pre with 84o - although admittedly he only had about 2BBs in his stack, so the TAG didn't make a lot out of that hand. I'd made about 10BBs and now that the table was very shorthanded and against LAG/TAGs I decided to exit.

And that was it for the weekend. Maybe i'll get in a bit more next weekend.

Current bankroll: $18,600
July time played: 2h30m
July profit/(loss): $50

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Great table ...

... average result.

Found another one of those dream tables last night - two 80/15 types, two 55/0 and one 50/25. That gave me half an hour of crazy action with quite a few big (25BB) pots swinging around the place.

Unfortunately for me, I was rivered on several of those 25BB pots, one being particularly nasty where I had KK and capped preflop up against AJo and A5o on a flop of J52r. I capped the flop, and turn was a T which I called the reraise. River 5, and when one guy bets out and the other raises I figure i'm in big trouble so fold when facing two more bets. Unreal.

Lost another 20BB pot with the usual AA versus J8 on a flop of A92r. Not sure how I get called on that flop but turn and river of Q and T and i'm about to throw my monitor across the room.

I recovered some of my losses though when my 88 got three bet preflop and then flopped 8cQc2h, which I capped and then turned a Q which I also capped as we were back to heads up and my oppononet was one of those aggro guys. River 5 which I bet, he raised and I decided to just call. He flips over KQ which doesnt match up to my boat. I guess I should have 3bet the river there ....

All in all, half an hour on one of the best tables i've ever played on and I end up a few BBs down.

Oh well. Next time.

Current bankroll: $18,550
July time played: 2h
July profit/(loss): $0

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sometimes even the fishy tables ...

.... just do not give you a break.

In an hour last night I lost 40BBs on Bodog at the super high $1/2 tables where one of my opponents was running at 100/30 ... however, over 80 hands he'd also shown down 50% of all hands and won 60% of them.

Meanwhile I had won 22% of my showdowns. Not fun.

I guess when you think about it, when playing against super fishy opponents at a level where you have a pretty decent edge and you can blow through 40BBs so quick, imagine what could happen where you only have a very small edge, and the stakes are a lot higher. Best not to think about it.

I also stuck some cash into Microgaming, but i'm not sure if i've still got a deal there so i'll wait and see if I actually get any rakeback or equivalent. I might have to find a new site to play there. That being said, very first hand I have 66 on a flop of 6c8s9s, turn 8h and betting gets capped. River Ks to complete the flush draw. Opponent again raises me, and he flips over 99 for one of those set over flopped set moments that happens about 1 in a hundred. You get that sometimes ... but first hand i've played there in six months .. harsh.

Current bankroll: $18,550
July time played: 1h30m
July profit/(loss): $0