Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oooops .. again

I keep saying to myself to stop abusing people in the chat box and I *think* i've found a way to stop doing it. Instead of blasting them, I will simply take notes on them instead - should be much more profitable.

However, saying that, I think I tilted some guy today. He got me fairly annoyed when I tried to steal from the button with Q7s and he reppoped me. I sorta hit a flop of J76r, which he donked into me, so I figured he was probably weak as he was a half decent player who liked to check raise if he had the goods. I reraised and he called. Turn was a second club, 3c. He checked, I bet and he called. River was the Qc hitting a backdoor flushdraw, however he donked the river, which was a very bad sign for me, so I simply called. He showed down Kc2c. WTF .. he had totally whiffed that flop, had no draw, and called my raise. I'm not sure if a 3bet preflop from the BB is correct with K2s either ...

Anyways, I wasn't all that impressed to say the least and may have called him a retard or the equivalent .... After a few more orbits, I actually won a couple of hands off him when he called me down pretty light, to each I responded "nh r". A few hands later I found myself with JJ and in a hand with him and one other guy. A flop of KTT wasnt the best for me and I donked into it and got 2 callers. Not real pretty. The turn was a miracle J, and the betting went ballistic, which i was happy to reraise until capped. River was a blank and the same guy reraised and called my 3 bet with only K9o. Ship it. 15BB pot .. pity it was only on $1/2 on 24poker.

A few hands later i'm again trying to steal from the button with A3 and the flop is 445. My man again repops me from the BB preflop. He bets out and I raise him. He calls. Turn is a miraculous 2. Which he bets, raises and I cap. River is another A, however the board now has 3 diamonds .. as well as the pair. He bets out, I raise, he reraises, and so I just call. He shows down A2 for two pair. Hehe. Chump.

Anyways in the whole 20 minute session that I played I managed to make 25BBs on the $1/2 tables so it turned out reasonably well. However, I will in future try to take more notes, and send less abuse!

Forgot to check my bonus on there. I'm sure i've played enough to release another $50. Will check tonight.

Current Bankroll: $8,950 (+$360 Aug)


Colossos159 said...

Good job Bort! I wish I could play like you on limit games but I am learning the game pretty fast (yesterday was a good day). I am used to getting alot of abuse in the chat by some donkeys who dont understand my play. Yesterday on the flop I had the nut flush draw, a gutshot straight draw and one overcard. I called him down and on the river I hit my gutshot and betting is capped. He couldnt believe it I called with a gutshot and called my all sort of names in the chatbox for the next half hour. He didnt even realise (I didnt explain it to him) I had a ton of outs and just happen to hit the gutshot. I love these moments.

ps: could you once in awhile post a hand you played because I'd love to see your strategy and thinking behind it

Mr Cea said...


parttimebonuschaser said...

cheers guys.

its always good to be playin against people with no clue colossos .. they tend to donate you plenty of $ :)

good thinking not to explain things. you dont want opponents getting better .. or scared. good to keep them tilted though!

i'll post a few hands in future posts for info