Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Still running like ass

Got in another half hour of play, and I guess one table sums it up.

I had position on a nice big fish, who was running with a VPIP of 65%, preflop raise of 5%, aggression factor of 0.5 and a went to showdown of 75%. Almost the perfect calling station. However, over the 50 hands of the session, of those 75% showdowns he managed to win over 50% of them!!! (given an average winning player at 6max limit has a vpip of 30, pfr 20, wtsd 35-40 and W$SD of 50%, this is a super hot run!!)

At the same time, with position on him, I was running at VPIP 33% (actually had some nice starting hands, or overlimpable hands), PFR of 22%, aggression factor of 2 and went to showdown of 20%. Of those 20% showdowns, I managed to actually win 22% of them. ARGH!!! Is it possible to run that cold??? I even scored AA twice and KK once preflop and lost them all. The KK was annoying .. A hit on the turn, and there were 3 players before me betting and raising so I folded facing 2 bets to call. Obviously another K hit on the river. sigh.

The biggest pot I lost when I had a draw to the 2nd nuts on the turn where betting had gone ballistic three ways. I think I had AcJs with Kc4sQs7s on the board. The river unfortunately paired the board with Ks giving me the 2nd flush. It was bet and then raised before me, but I couldn't bring myself to lay down for 2bbs in a 30BB+ pot. The winner obviously had 44, and the raiser actually had 2s3s ... I dunno wtf he was thinking raising with a 3 high spade flush on a four flushed paired board into 2 players.

If I hadn't cleared the $200 bonus, i'd be down $200 for the session. At least I think i've played enough hands on 24poker to release another $50 bonus there as well. Will find out tonight.

Hopefully I will soon be able to report on a super hot run of my own ....

Current bankroll: $8,900 (+360 Aug)

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