Sunday, June 29, 2008

Up for my final session for June

Thought i'd do a quick summary of my final session before posting my overall totals for June. I guess over the weekend I got in not quite a full hour of poker. Was too busy out downhilling on the mountain bike for much poker. You get that sometimes though.

Anyways in that session I actually did quite well, picking up around 10BBs on Littlewoods (FINALLY A WIN!!!) and another 20BBs on 24poker for about $100, as well as confirming that I had cleared the next $50 on 24poker. Also made $200 in the rake race on Littlewoods I think (will change this if its the case but I am pretty sure its right).

Not too many hands of interest but since Colossus requested I figured I can post a couple. On a side note, I still managed to score AA twice and lost both of them. Annoying. My last hand of the session also kinda sucked where I raised QTs from the CO and got one caller on the big blind. He called my raise on a Q72r flop. He raraised my raise on the turn when it was a J. He checked another J on the river, which I checked behind as I figured I could have been behind with the Q and a bigger kicker, and the 2nd J was possibly a really bad card for me. Obviously he flips over AJo ... so he was drawing to basically his 3 outer from his flop call. Unreal ....

Anyways a couple hands and my thinking along the way (and whether or not I think I made a mistake.... (bugger me if i cant find a hand converter friendly with 24poker ... if anyone has a good link let me know)

This is probably a really simple hand I think, but I am reasonably sure I made a mistake ...

** Can`t Buy Me Love [Hold 'em] (1.00/2.00 Fixed - $ Cash Game) Real Money
- rohkonn sitting in seat 1 with $68.45
- schimmi23 sitting in seat 2 with $93.64 (bit of a loose muppet)
[Dealer]- pansit22 sitting in seat 3 with $101.53 (unknown opponent)
- Manandoun3 sitting in seat 4 with $38.98
- sibware sitting in seat 5 with $54.71
- Hero (ME) sitting in seat 6 with $63.23
pansit22 posted the small blind - $0.50
Manandoun3 posted the big blind - $1.00
** Dealing card to Hero: 9 of s, A of s
sibware folded
Hero raised - $2.00 (easy open raise for me from MP)
rohkonn folded
schimmi23 raised - $3.00 (didn't really want a repop from the button .. but oh well)
pansit22 called - $3.00
Manandoun3 folded
Hero called - $3.00 (obviously gotta call it)
** Dealing the flop: J of s, 2 of s, 8 of s (sweet flop giving me the nuts .. only way to lose is if the board pairs)
pansit22 checked
Hero checked (check to pre flop raiser, hoping to be able to check raise. would be annoyed if he flat calls)
schimmi23 bet - $1.00 (ty aggro muppet)
pansit22 called - $1.00
Hero raised - $2.00 (check raise! ty. I guess I could flat call to slow play, but I rarely slow play made hands. Also I was thinking both may still call the check raise which builds the pot)
schimmi23 called - $2.00
pansit22 called - $2.00 (both called ... interesting)
** Dealing the turn: 3 of h
pansit22 checked
Hero bet - $2.00 (obviously bet the turn .. cannot slow play the nuts)
schimmi23 raised - $4.00 (wow .. maybe this guy isnt too bright. I wonder if he has the Ks ... or possibly trips or 2 pair).
pansit22 folded
Hero raised - $6.00 (must reraise with the nuts!)
schimmi23 raised - $8.00 (WTF? hmm maybe he also has a flush?)
Hero called - $8.00 (no option to raise on 24 .. betting is capped .. man i wish this hand was on crypto where i'd keep pumpin it)
** Dealing the river: J of c (OMFG ... board is now paired, so I no longer have the nuts. flush draw also missed if he has Ks)
Hero bet - $2.00 (i think this bet is a mistake - i am only going to get called/raised by hands that beat me, and will get raised by a full house. possibly the only callers I will get are those holding two spades, and any other hand on a draw would fold).
schimmi23 called - $2.00 (phew ... i'd have been a little sick if he had raised here)
Hero shows: 9 of s, A of s
schimmi23 mucks: K of s, 10 of s (hehe he had the best possible cards against my hand)
Hero wins $34.20 from the main pot

Second interesting hand which i'm still not sure I played right ...

** Tell Me Why [Hold 'em] (1.00/2.00 Fixed - $ Cash Game) Real Money
- sibware sitting in seat 2 with $115.80 - CaprizPoker sitting in seat 3 with $77.56
- Manandoun3 sitting in seat 4 with $19.00
- Hero sitting in seat 5 with $37.25
- pansit22 sitting in seat 6 with $197.71 [Dealer]
sibware posted the small blind - $0.50
CaprizPoker posted the big blind - $1.00 (absolute maniac. has raised and reraise bluff turn and river every hand ... and had nothing most times so has lost a fair few $)
** Dealing card to Hero: A of h, 7 of s
Manandoun3 folded
Hero raised - $2.00 (A7o is good enough to try to steal with in the cutoff)
pansit22 folded
sibware raised - $3.00 (not a good sign but he could be trying to isolate)
CaprizPoker called - $3.00 (this idiot could have any 2 cards)
Hero called - $3.00
** Dealing the flop: Q of d, 2 of d, 5 of h (damn .. clean missed this flop ... wonder if A high is enough?)
sibware checked
CaprizPoker checked
Hero checked (actually checked behind here as I was pretty sure Capriz would checkraise any hand regardless of whether he hit or not)
** Dealing the turn: 5 of c
sibware checked (looks like he really didn't have anything ... that's promising)
CaprizPoker bet - $2.00 (he would bet anything .. but does he have a hand?)
Hero called - $2.00 (I am still thinking my A high is ahead of Capriz .. hoping Sibware folds)
sibware called - $2.00 (damn why didn't u fold .. maybe he has a biggish A?)
** Dealing the river: 7 of c (a sweet card for me .. now i'm pretty sure i'm ahead)
sibware checked
CaprizPoker bet - $2.00 (bet into again ... hmmm...)
Hero called - $2.00 (I still think i'm in front, but don't want to get reraised with such a medium strength hand)
sibware folded
CaprizPoker shows: 7 of d, 10 of h (yep he was playin trash again ....ty)
Hero shows: A of h, 7 of s
Hero wins $18.05 from the main pot

Anyways. Not really sure what kind of hands people want to see posted. There's lots of simple one's with continuation bets etc .. as well as the normal bad beat ones ...

Current bankroll: $9,300 (+360 Aug)

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