Monday, June 9, 2008

Clearing away ...

Just had a long weekend which allowed me to put in a good four hours on the poker tables, with mixed success.

The $1/2 tables on 24poker were treating me quite well, although I was struggling to find enough fish to make it really worthwhile. I think i've played enough hands to clear the next $50 in bonus, so I will check that tonight. That will take my total 24poker bonus cleared to $700. Only had one really memorable hand, where my opponent slow playing actually save him money. I believe I was UTG with 66 and raised preflop. He called from the button. Flop was 862r, so obviously I raise the flop, he calls. Turn is a 2, so I bet out again, and he calls. River is a 6 giving me quads, which I bet out. He then raises, I reraise and he caps the river before flipping over 88 for a boat. So his flat calling on the flop and turn ended up saving him a few BBs, as i'm sure I would have capped the flop, and probably reraised the turn before slowing down.

The $3/6 tables on Littlewoods, however, were another story. They were actually a lot fishier than the $1/2 tables on 24, however, the fish were again managing to kill me. My AK twice lost to 86o and 84s in the space of about 4 hands. I capped another hand preflop with QQ, and had someone donk into my raise and then call on both the flop and turn with a J high board. The river showed a K and he of course flips over KTo .... ARGH. There went a $108 pot. Annoying to say the least. Some other chump calls my UTG raise (me holding AKs) with T7s, and obviously my AK flop ends up getting flush rivered. ARGH

On the plus side I released $200 in bonuses from those tables and accrued about $70 in rakeback. Only another 150MPPs or so before I clear the biggest part of the bonus, the $280 for clearing the 1,000 MPPs. Looking forward to that!!!

I'll then clear another 500 MPPs for another $200 in bonus, and $50ish in rakeback.

Anyways my total bankroll is almost back up to my all time high, so I guess I can't really complain.

Current Bankroll: $8,600


Renee said...

Glad to hear that the $1/2 tables on 24poker were treating me quite well, but I agree, it's hard to make the $$. Great bankroll though - is that for the month??

nemo said...

Glad to see things are gettin back on track. Best of luck to ya this month, perhaps you'll break $10,000!

parttimebonuschaser said...

Ha Renee, I wish that was my profit for the month!!!

That's my entire bankroll, which is profit since July 07.

This month i've only made $150, after a terrible start being down $400ish earlier in the month. (although i'm getting close to clearing some more bonuses which will improve that some more).

parttimebonuschaser said...

heya nemo, cheer mate. Would be nice to hit $10k this month, but I will just keep playin as normal and wont be pushing outside my bankroll to get it. (I guess I am pretty much a bankroll nit!!!)