Thursday, October 30, 2008

October summary

Well after the massive struggle that was the middle of October, this month hasn't ended too badly. I've made about $850 which is mainly from rakeback and bonuses which isn't too bad.

Hopefully my Bodog bankroll will also increase a little further so I can get back on to the $4/8 tables there as well. Its almost enough at $800, and I might even take a shot or two next month if I can see some fishy tables running.

It looks like my cashing out in the previous month was a couple weeks premature, as the $A decided to collapse even further in very quick time. At least its now increased my earning rate if I do cash out any more, but i'd like to build my online roll a bit further first.

Last month's goals for October:

  • Play my 5 hours on William Hill for the $50 bonus (no longer available ... argh)
  • Clear as much of my Bodog bonus as possible (and take a shot at $4/8) (cleared a big chunk of my reload which still gets paid out, but didn't take a shot. next month if all goes well)
  • Have a sniff around on Pacific under my new deal there (got a deal there)
  • Try to get the handgrabbing software and have it running correctly on Bodog and Pacific (bodog software running a treat. Have not got pacific yet)
  • Pray for another Cake reload (dammit. reload cake reload)
  • Maybe find a new site to play on and score some new bonuses (signed up to interpoker through rtr. bonus to be cleared in Nov)
  • Would be nice to actually win from play :) (yep)

The gain of $850 for the month was made up of:

Bonuses/VIP: $380

  • Bodog: $230
  • Interpoker: $150

Rakeback: $150

  • Fulltilt: $70
  • Interpoker: $80

Poker bankroll Interest: $50

Poker winnings / (losses): $270

For November the goals in order of priority are:

  • Clear as much of my Bodog reload bonus as possible (take a shot at $4/8)
  • Complete my interpoker bonus (and hopefully play in the freeroll)
  • Pray for another Cake reload ... cmon!!
  • Maybe sign up on Eurolinx through RTR ... although that may be a later month
  • Withdraw some $ from a poker room to my neteller account to take up any new bonuses

I'm not expecting to play as much in November as I have a week off on holiday, and am out and about most weekends. Still, I will make sure I complete the Interpoker bonus which is another 550 or so MPPs.

Current bankroll: $13,900


The blindman said...

Nice result after the mid month slump.

Just a note on Eurolinx. The RTR rake races are worth looking at. While the half month ones are pretty competitive, the Oct-Dec one is undersubscribed. You should be able to take $100 there without too much sweat, and when you add the sign up bonus and rakeback it's very worthwhile.

TiocfaidhArLa said...

Another successful month, congrats. A great ad for bonus chasing and rakeback too.

Two questions come to mind :

- do you have a 3 year plan?

- if someone wanted to emulate your success what are the key attributes they need - discipline, attention to detail, study, natural talent for games etc.

You've got to be one of the most consistent grinders around!

parttimebonuschaser said...

cheers guys. I just dont think i'll be able to play the hours to justify euro given my play will be limited this month. I can hope they run it again in the new year though I think and maybe save signing up there until then.

I will have to do a post on longer term plans. Have read some very interesting stuff on 2p2 lately where people have posted their $5/$10 databases and it is a real eye opener on how tough it gets as you climb the levels.

In terms of emulating me, I guess I am very conservative would be the first thing you'd notice. I am not at all worried about dropping down levels when I have a cool run. (admittedly bodog is still killin me though .. but that will turn around).

Also a bankroll nit to a high degree ... i like to have several 1,000 BBs in my bankroll. (ie bearing in mind i've lost 300BBs once before, that would be a disaster to say a 500BB bankroll which i'm not prepared to go through)

Discipline is also important, which includes a) not tilting, and quitting immediately when seeing it coming on. b) the ability to actual notice tilt coming on. c) always table selecting and quitting tables as soon as they turn poor.

Study I am admittedly a bit lazy on. I read stox and the boerer book early on and occasionally hit up 2p2 but I dont do as much as I should. What I do though is review my own stats regularly, particularly after a bit of a losing run. I find that I sometimes become a bit too showdown bound which I have to reign in occasionally.

I am also using gametime+ as my HUD and i'm fairly sure i'd do better with pokerace, but will wait till PT3 is compatible with all sites before I get it.

The other key thing I think is confidence. Confidence that you can beat any given level, and that you can play confidently and not play scared. For me the confidence baseline is still probably at $1/2 where i'm sure I can clean up over the long term. I'm fairly sure I can do the same at $2/4 and $3/6 but when in doubt I always drop back.

I'm sure others would have advanced through the ranks quicker, but i'm comfortable with my progress. I might actually be a bit further along if the share market wasnt killin me at the moment and i hadn't withdrawn quite as much of my bankroll, but thats another story ...

The blindman said...

With your disciplined approach to table and seat selection, I'm pretty sure you would be successful at 5/10 and 10/20. I have certainly observed soft tables at those limits at Pacific and Micro.

Have you tried Holdem Manager? It supports all the sites, and I rate it much better than PT2 and perhaps on a par with PT3 (bugs and site support apart).

parttimebonuschaser said...

yeah i downloaded hem but for some reason the HUD crashes on my vista64 pc .. otherwise i probably would be using it now.

i suspect also at those larger stakes is that some of the loose guys preflop are actually very good post flop which might make picking out the fish a bit trickier. That being said, if i do spot what i think are fishy tables in the not too distant future i'll give it a shot.

tim said...

Just a suggestion.

Stop looking at your results day by day--- it makes for good blog posts, but it is pretty bad on your psyce+game.

Also take a shot at 5/10 ffs ;).

parttimebonuschaser said...

hehe true, it probably is bad to look too closely too often as variance is extreme in short sessions. i guess i could post less often, but kind of enjoy it for the moment.

i'm sure i'll get round to that shot eventually, with very strict table selection. My cake balance is almost high enough .. and bodog was till the last session.

parttimebonuschaser said...

I guess the post that put me off $5/10 a bit was the list of about 50 players with over 30k hands and none had a win rate over 1bb/100.

I guess if you think about it though, they are probably grinders who do not table select overly strictly.

The blindman said...

"i suspect also at those larger stakes is that some of the loose guys preflop are actually very good post flop which might make picking out the fish a bit trickier."

That's a good point, and it's something to watch out for. These days everybody has a HUD, and most people probably base their judgments about players on the preflop stats. This creates significant opportunity for deception - and I have certainly seen a number of "loose passive" preflop players who wake up with 50%+ aggression post flop.