Sunday, October 26, 2008

Too much?

Put in another fairly big session (well big for me) of about 5 hours over the weekend. Had this interesting hand come up .. how would you have played it?

Villain is a pretty nice fish, running at about 70/10/1.5/38.

Pre-Flop (1.5 SB, 5 players) Hero is CO with QcJd

1 fold, Hero raises, BTN calls, 2 folds (yep cold call me fishy)
Flop (5.5 SB, 2 players)

4hJsQh (sweet .. only concern might be a FD but surely i'm miles in front here)

Hero bets, BTN calls (call me down fishy)
Turn (3.8 BB, 2 players)

As (hmmm not the best of cards for me. KT hit a straight, AQ or AJ are now in front of me. Can't see him holding AA based on preflop and flop. And surely he would have reraised AQ on the flop)

Hero bets, BTN calls (hmm no reraise. i must be in front still)
River (5.8 BB, 2 players)

Qs (okay now i've hit my boat, and am in front of AJ now too)

Hero bets, BTN raises, Hero 3-bets, BTN 4-bets, Hero 5-bets, BTN 6-bets, Hero 7-bets, BTN 8-bets, Hero 9-bets .... (okay by about the 6th bet i'm starting to get worried. Maybe he does have AQ or AA. Surely not though.)

What would you have done?

As far as my session overall went, I actually ended up down around $50, mainly thanks to my last 80 hands of the session where I managed to see only 20% of flops, go to showdown only 22% of those, and actually not win a single showdown. Two other muppets were just sucking out left and right.

However, on the plus side, I got paid out a chunk of my Bodog bonus of around $150, so overall I was up for the weekend. Thank god for bonuses/rakeback or it would have been a total waste of time. Might have to post my Bodog stats next time. I've now done 7,000 hands there since I bought the hand grabber, and i'm still running quite cool, even though i'm generally playing with fish. Interpoker also didn't treat me all that well over the weekend, but i'm now well over halfway to clearing the signup and ipod nano bonus. I will do 1,000mpps this month, and then leave the last 500 for next month to qualify for the next months freerolls.

Current bankroll: $13,600


The blindman said...

Bizarre. I don't know what I would do, since I haven't played at many sites which allow unlimited bets when heads up.

Probably, I would just call at 6. It is incredible to think that he could possibly have just called PF flop and turn with AQ or AA, but with a fish you never know. I find it hard to see anyone (fish or not) going to 7 or 8 bets on the river with less than the nuts.

parttimebonuschaser said...

Seems mainly crypto allows unlimited bets heads up. I'll wait and see if I get anymore comments before I post results.

Interestingly enough, AA is not actually the nuts either....

(and admittedly I was willing to go more than 7 or 8 bets on the river without the nuts ... maybe i'm crazy).

JoppaRoad said...

he must be holding Ks10s?? Would explain the pre flop behaviour and no raise. Did you just walk into a Royal?

parttimebonuschaser said...

A royal would have made a good story, and me a bit of a muppet, but luckily no, I didn't run into a royal flush.

My thinking was that KT would have raised the turn given the double flush draw on the board, so I discounted that fairly heavily. Given he was pretty fishy though, that discounting was probably a mistake.

parttimebonuschaser said...


Hero 9-bets, BTN calls

Final Pot: 23.8 BB

Hero shows QcJd for a fullhouse and wins 22.6BB

BTN shows Ks5s for a flush and loses

Go figure ...