Monday, October 13, 2008

Running cool

All this looking at PT blind stats made me actually have a look at how I've been running lately. Well that and the fact that I haven't been increasing the bankroll much lately.

I've had the Bodog hand grabber for a bit over a three weeks now so have 3,000 hands in my database. My stats read something like 27% vpip (fractionally low), PFR 20% (about right), AF 2.05 (about right), WTSD 35% (fractionally low) and a W$SD of 45% (a good 10% lower than it should be with that WTSD and VPIP). Overall i'm running at a profit of about 0.3BB/100.

Now with a W$SD that low, i'm running quite cold, and am actually pretty lucky to still be showing a profit at the tables. Effectively being 10% means that out of every 100 hands, I'm seeing about 30 flops. Of those 30 i'm going to showdown in 10 of them, and winning 4.5 of them, where I should be winning 5.5 of them. My average showdown would be about 8BBs, so losing out 8BB/100 over 3,000 hands is roughly a 240BB variance. Kinda sux really, but hopefully it will start evening out soon and the fishes will pay me off.

Problem is i'm showing similar stats on Interpoker, except an even smaller VPIP, and am well down running at -7BB/100 but over a small sample size of maybe 700 hands. Things will hopefully return to normal soon.

I put in a bit under half an hour of play and actually won on both Bodog and Interpoker, which was handy. Most of the tables were playing out pretty much to regulation, with only one fish on one table sucking out on me on about 3 hands in a row, and then losing to everyone else. He had a WTSD of 65% and a W$SD of 20%. Problem was a lot of my showdowns seemed to be in that 20%. Made about 30BBs but only at 1/2 as I just sat on the waiting list of 2 $2/4 tables for the entire half hour.

Current bankroll: $13,250

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tim said...

Thats nothing man, try running 40% w$sd for 10k hands ;).