Sunday, October 5, 2008


I really dont think tourneys are for me.

Played in another one over the weekend, a bit better than mid stacked towards the bubble but not on it. One guy who has been stealing constantly pushes all in from the button and I look down at AKo. I call, and he flips over 9c6c. Flop is KT2 with no clubs. Turn 7, river 8 .. and i'm basically out again.

Haven't had the best of runs on the cash tables either. I think I got in about 4 hours over the weekend, and even though every session started well, the suckouts would then come thick and fast and i'd end up down. Luckily a couple $2/4 tables on fulltilt pulled through for me just before the end of my last session of the weekend, and for a couple orbits I just couldn't seem to lose.

Anyways at one stage being over 60BBs down, the weekend actually turned out okay and I eeked out a small increase in the bankroll, even taking into account my purchase of the Bodog hand grabber. It seems to work quite well. However, the tables arent as fishy as I first thought. Although there are still plenty o fish :)

Current bankroll: $13,400


The blindman said...

Can't complain about getting all in AK vs 96. I think tournaments are potentially a very profitable proposition, because a lot of people play them very very badly. The problem is that the variance is extreme and you really need to play a lot of them to see anything close to your expected return.

parttimebonuschaser said...

Good point about the variance actually, and since I dont have a lot of time to play them, i'd never get in enough to actually show what my return should be.

Think i'll stick to cash for now

TiocfaidhArLa said...

Having played a reasonable amount of tournaments, I go on the Harrington philosophy that you mightn't win them all but the better players on average get closer.

My returns have been good (which may be positive variance) but find that I can't commit the time required in a block. The ability to stand up at any time from a cash table works for me ... even if I don't.

Tournaments have a real skill to them and Harrington's books have most of the answers IMHO.

Don't give up on them just yet!