Thursday, October 23, 2008

Big session

Well ... a big session or 3 for me. I've played about 5 hours in total since my last post, mainly on interpoker and a bit of bodog on the side. I've had to switch tables reasonably often to make sure that a) they are fishy enough and b) I have position on the fish.

I suspect I also accrued a decent stack of rakeback over that time, and i'm now over halfway to clearing my Interpoker bonus as well.

I haven't been running overly well, as early on one fish slaughtered me with stats of 60/10/.5/60 ... and a W$SD of about 60 as well. I had position on him, but boy did he manage to suck out left and right. I dont think he ever missed a flush. Anyways PT tells me he ended up with a BB/100 of 50 over 150 hands. I'd be pretty happy with that!

Have pushed along on the other tables though so have made a few BBs here and there. Reasonably consistently.

I also played in one of those cake gold card tourneys this morning which was kinda interesting. I was about midstacked and got sucked out on for most of my stack when JJ got done on a 7 high flop by KTs. I then pushed on AQs into AK and I sucked that one out, and then pushed my 99 into TT and sucked out a straight. I only barely made the money though and lost two hands in a row to kick me out. With about 8BBs i pushed with AKo and ran into QQ. I then pushed for my last few BBs with A9s and ran into JJ. And that was it for me.

Current Bankroll: $13,500


L4Y SP said...

Just recently i feel like i have turned a corner on my poker journey . It's kind of spiritual . Kind of like the MATRIX when NEO comes back to life seeing everything in binary code and stops the bullets in mid air . LOL.

ANYHOW , what I really want to say to you is THANKYOU SO MUCH . Without your blog I would have remained clueless . You are a fabulous source of knowledge and a wonderful beacon of motivation . Please......keep up the good work. regards . L4

parttimebonuschaser said...

No problems mate.

I find writing helps clarify my own thinking and approach too.