Monday, October 27, 2008

Craptacular running

Both Bodog and Interpoker are still killin me! Interpoker i'm heading down towards requiring to reload range again, although I have about $80 in rakeback to receive shortly so hopefully will be okay there.

I came up against my nemesis fish Strasink or something like that on Interpoker. He's currently running at 70/40/4/50 with a W$SD of 65% as well over 150 hands. His main winning hands are 82s and T3s ... and every time he seems to suck out against me. I played another 30 hands against him in a half hour session, and again managed to not win a single showdown. Surely the card gods will smile on me soon and allow me to have a W$SD of 65% for a few hands even. My BB/100 has now dropped to -4BB/100. F me.

Bodog is a little more interesting where my BB/100 is now 0.5BB/100. Thing is i'm still running at a fairly cool 36% WTSD with only a 47% W$SD over 7,000 hands. So i'm basically a good 6%-8% down on my showdown wins, which equates to around 5BB/100. I'm probably reasonably lucky then to still be showing a profit over that many hands. Surely i'm going to warm up soon, or even show signs of normal showdown win rates ... i'd be happy with that. 7,000 hands is quite a lot to me to be running cool, as that's about all i'd play in an entire month. I know there are 2p2ers who have done 100,000 hands of break even, but I figure i'm probably a bit more table selective and seat selective so shouldn't run into that.

Hopefully will run hot soon, as it feels like its been a while since i've had a nice consistent run .. well not since last month :) hehe

Current bankroll: $13,550

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