Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thought I was clawing back up

With a nice little rakeback boost, I figured I was on the way back.

Also first hand of a half hour session for the day i'm dealt KQs which flops KcQcQd with 3 runners. One guy raises flop and I just call, and 3rd runner also calls. Turn brings another club which villain bets out, I raise, and the turn gets capped in the end. River was a blank. Villain still gets in a raise but only calls my reraise showing a 9 high flush. Great start.

From then on it went decidedly backwards, with the usual horrific suck outs, and I actually dropped cash at the tables, although my rakeback kept me well in front for the session.

I've signed up at Interpoker with my account in pounds. The rakeback/bonus deal through RTR gives me approx 90% effective rakeback. Then you add on the cash equivalent payment of $120 for their ipod if I get 1,500 points by 30 November, and my rakeback is effectively over 100%. Nice.

I've actually found some reasonably fishy tables there too which is handy. I'm running like dog balls though with a VPIP of 21% ... ie i'm gettin no cards preflop, a WTSD of 34% ... a little low, particularly with such a low VPIP, and a W$SD of 35% ... very low .. ffs.

However, on the site i'm only $20 down so far, so with rakeback i'm probably actually up or very near to it. With such a low W$SD I should be down a long way, however, several hands i've won have been quite big. Including one hand where I had AcQh and flopped Jc4c7c, turn 2c so I have the nuts, and since the turn was heads up they allow unlimited raising, and i've ended up 6betting the turn before my opponent just called.

Anyways will see how it goes. Pulled in about 75 points out of the 1,500 that I need in a couple sessions, so I figure i'll get there relatively quickly.

Back Monday. Hopefully the weekend is a little more profitable!

Current bankroll: $13,250


tim said...

90% RB! 0_o

Calcs+does this work for HUHU?

parttimebonuschaser said...
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parttimebonuschaser said...

i did the calcs based on tourney returns, assuming that cash is going to be similar. dont know about HUHU.

i should check it for my actual play come to think of it. might do so at say 200mpps which might be at least slightly representative.

However, if you play tourneys you get 3mpps per $1 entry (ie make sure you play on $ tables). So for bonus purposes 10mpps = £1 or approx $2 from $3.33 entry fees. (your account must be in £ ... if it were in $ you only get $1 per 10mpps and therefore the bonus is effectively halved)

herefore your return from tourney entry is about 60%. Add in 30% rakeback from RTR and you're up to 90% (as far as i know bonuses are not deducted).

add in the RTR freeroll, and the ipod cash equivalent bonus as well .. and you're laughing.

L4Y SP said...

to go off subject and if u have time i would really appreciate a post from you about your thoughts on playing the blinds .my stats seem to suggest a massive leak. adam .thks

The blindman said...

Adam, it's not necessarily a leak. Everybody's stats show big fat red numbers in the blinds (mine are in the minus 30-40 bb/100 range). Consider that the starting point for BB is -100bb/100 and -50 for SB.

tim said...

Wow thats awesome, I'll go play some hu on interpoker after I finish my FR autoing experiment.

Thanks for the tip.