Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One hand can make the difference

Well the difference between having a winning and losing session.

When I thought about this post it was after i'd had a 1 hour session at $2/4 on fulltilt and started off badly with some horrible beats but I gradually worked my way back, including winning one 20BB pot when my pocket 3s flopped a set.

Thing is, I ended up about $50 for the session of about 200 hands. If i'd lost with that set, i'd actually have recorded a negative session. I guess that's why variance occurs and I often do have negative sessions or tables, as my edge is actually relatively small.

Having said that, I then put in a 2 hour session - jeez i'm racking up the hours this month come to think of it. And in that session I managed a fair heater, playing a fair chunk of $1/2 on bodog and again a heap on Fulltilt $2/4. I think I ended up around 60BBs without actually ever being down for the session. That being said, it was fairly swingy, as I was seated to the left of a maniac on two of the tables I had open. One was running at 90%/85% ... and the other at around 90%/60%. I did donate to them a few times, as I quickly realised that even if you had a single pair it was worth calling the river, but they also paid me off with complete air that they's raised every street on more than a couple occasions.

Also played in the freeroll again, although don't know if I will bother any more. My late tourney game sux I think. Admitedly I havent actually read either of the harrington books so it serves myself right. I made it into the top 10 and had about a 8BB stack when there were two limpers and me on the button looking at As8s. I decided to push all in hoping to steal the limpers and blinds which were a decent chunk of my stack. Unfortunately both limpers called showing 77 and KJo and the board missed everyone booting me out of the tourney. I suspect in hindsight I should have waited for a better spot ... but i'm not absolutely sure of that. Maybe I should do some reading ....

Current Bankroll: $13,300 (should also be boosted by some rakeback shortly)


The blindman said...

In a mediocre session yesterday, I had one horrendous mistake. I raised A8ss UTG, and had it come back reraised to me with five players in. I accidentally clicked fold instead of call, and promptly watched the flop unfold as Axx with two spades, the third spade appear on the turn, and no pairs on board. And me sitting there cursing over a folded nut flush. The pot reached over 20BB without me even in it. That pot would have made a big difference to the session.

parttimebonuschaser said...

thats nasty.

i've only had one fold lately similar to that and that was on one retarded site that the preaction button to call appears on top of the fold button when the action is to you - so i clicked what i thought was the call button only to have it change that instant to fold ... i should really remember what site that was.