Monday, October 6, 2008

Perception v reality

Its always interesting when you start up at a new site. Often if I have a bad run early at a new site, I will think less of a site, than if I start off well. In reality this could easily be variance, and I should really ensure my focus is on the hard evidence of what a site is like - ie
  1. How soft is it - are there plenty of fishy tables?
  2. Are there enough players to allow for table selection?
  3. Does the lobby show players per flop?
  4. Are there any bugs?
  5. Am I getting timed out for no reason?
  6. How much does it rake?
  7. How much do I rakeback?
  8. Are there any other benefits?
  9. Is cash out simple and quick?

I guess what made me think of this topic is that i've just started on Pacific, which has a relatively high rake. I'm struggling a bit to find the same level of fishiness on the tables as the blindman, but i'll keep giving it a go - they must be out there. Admittedly I also lost to a couple of horrendous beats for decent sized pots as well which may also bias my opinion. So at the moment the jury is still out on Pacific.

The next thing I really need to do is find another decent sign up bonus. I'm leaning towards a longer term deal on Interpoker through RTR using a pounds rather than $US account. It looks like their monthly bonuses are very generous if you use that currency, as well as the initial ipod nano bonus (or cash equivalent for me I think).

As far as play goes, I put in less than half an hour's play yesterday, and basically broke even. Started horribly early on when I raised UTG with ATo, and got one cold caller from the button. Flop 933 rainbow. I cbet, he calls. Turn is a T, which I bet out again and get raised. WTF could he have? T9? a 3s? I'm fairly sure i'm in front here, but just call. River is an 8. I check, he bets, I call, and he shows down QJ ... wtf. Slowly clawed my way back, although had another set back or two with some even nastier beats, before getting back to even. Got credited $50 in rakeback though, so I end up positive for the day.

Current bankroll: $13,450


The blindman said...

Pacific definitely has a lot of negatives. Table selection is thin, software is crap, rake is high. But the tables are generally the fishiest I've seen. I know about the beats though - when I started there I had such a horrendous run that I would cringe if I was dealt a pocket pair "knowing" that it would be chased down by some muppet holding J4o.

I'm still waiting for my Littlewoods balance to be transferred over.

parttimebonuschaser said...

someone said something on 2p2 about having to fill out a form earlier for it to be automatically transferred.

i will have to check mine as well as i didn't fill out any form and it hasnt come across yet

tim said...

Have you thought about doing interpoker via deuces cracked? same % and you get free membership if you get 500$ in RB in a calender month.

parttimebonuschaser said...

i hadn't looked at that off tim - sounds similar to the titn offer for stox.

problem with the DC offer is that i'd struggle to hit a $500 MGR on crypto regularly.. the times when I play tend to be when there aren't many opponents, so the opportunity to multitable is limited. (even in peak times crypto doesn't have that many players)

if i sign up through rtr i get entry into their freeroll in the first month.

If i did play enough to get to $500 MGR i'd also be earning enough points to get entry into the freeroll each month through rtr.

i like your thinking though - best to get the most for your sign up.