Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bodog bonuses

Only played a small session, but managed to have one table where the card gods decided to smile on me and ended about $50 up in half an hour. The other tables still managed to deliver a number painful beats, but I can live with that if i'm destroying another table.

It was actually one of those tables which are just about perfect. Two very loose passive fish on my right, and a very tight player on my left who folded to almost all of my preflop raises.

It would be nice to have a few bigger wins, so hopefully that will happen in one of my next few sessions.

I did get my Bodog reload bonus of $230 the other day which was handy. That takes me to about $230 in total for the month on that site alone which makes up for me running fairly cool. The interesting thing about their bonus is that you seem to be able to withdraw as well without it actually impacting the bonus. I will withdraw the $200 i deposited yesterday in about a week, as i'd rather just be playing that site on pure profits. A few more decent sessions on there and i'll be able to start stabbing at $4/8 again.

Interpoker i'm now over 900 points so have less than 100 points to hit my goal for this month, so I may have to stop playing there for a few days if I hit that tonight.

Current bankroll: $13,600

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