Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Double up SNGs

I've played a few of these double your money SNGs on interpoker, mainly the 6 man ones, just as a bit of a break from the cash tables. They're actually reasonably fun, and relatively quick, as you only have to make it into the top half of the field to double your cash, and as soon as half the field is out, everyone goes all in.

So far the opponents i've seen have been a lot looser than I would have expected, although i've only played at the $5-$20 buy in level. I used to play them on Sun which is also on the Crypto network, but I think I played too many and got bored. Now its a nice change of pace again, so I figure i'll keep playing them from time to time.

My strategy in them so far has been to play tight early on, although if i can overlimp in cheap with either a pocket pair or suited connector I will give that a go too. Late game as the blinds increase I try to steal a few blinds from the mid stacks to maintain my stack, but generally don't get involved in a confrontation unless I have something relatively strong. I think patience is the key in these, as you're not necessarily aiming to win, just survive to the top half.

Also they credit 3mpps per $ in fees, and when you add in rakeback as well i'm paying virtually no rake whilst my bonus is still clearing.

I did get to play for a little over an hour last night, and had an interesting little session. There weren't many Interpoker tables running so I had to sniff around at Bodog and also opened one on Pacific. I could not believe how cold I started running. On Pacific I just couldn't hit anything, and even with a bit of a comback late in the session, I was running at a WTSD of 20%!!! ... and of those I was only winning 40%. WTF. Admittedly the suckouts were coming thick and fast. My Bodog and Interpoker tables also started terribly, but after the first 15 minutes turned around completely. On Interpoker I ended up at a 35% WTSD with a 75%W$SD, and had not quite as good, but similar results on Bodog.

Add in a couple small double up wins, and my bankroll increased by about 20BBs. WOuld have been more but Pacific was my big loser at $2/4, Interpoker was a big winner at $2/4, but Bodog was only at $1/2.

Current bankroll: $13,350

Note to self: go back through notes to self and actually post about them when they are relevant


TiocfaidhArLa said...

I'm impressed by your ability to move around and try a few different things to liven things up.

I've heard that the double your money S&Gs are easy money at present, I played 1 and got bored as folding almost all hands preflop is clearly the way to go. Probably a perfect chance to test multitabling skills.

parttimebonuschaser said...

hehe i dont stray too far, but at least it gives me a taste for no limit.

i also had another 3 cash tables open whilst my S&G was running as you're right, playing just one you'd be bored out of your mind if that's all you were doing.