Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Could have been worse

Played a half hour session last night which resulted no movement in my bankroll.

It started really well with me 40BBs up in the space of the first 5 minutes with my TPTK or overpair holding up in several multiway pots. Not the strongest of hands, but they do hold up occasionally.

What followed was me missing every draw (or hitting a draw when i've folded preflop), and then getting rivered 3 times in the space of 4 hands when holding powerhouse hands. I think I actually dropped about 60BBs - just a few more were at the $1/2 tables than the $2/4 tables, and I also received a few more rakeback $ so didn't end up down for the session.

Its easy to see how you can very quickly drop quite a few BBs just through the natural variance in the game. I'll have to dig out some of the hands. Some were truly awful beats.

The other odd thing that I noticed with the session is that the $1/2 tables were actually tighter than the $2/4 tables. (Although the fish still took my cash ....)

On the plus side, I received an email from Littlewoods advising me they were transferring my cash balance from their old system on Crypto to Pacific, so at least I dont have to do any messing around there. Still waiting for confirmation from RTR though as to whether rakeback is to be carried over.

Current bankroll: $13,450

Note to self: next post $A or longer term strategy

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