Thursday, October 16, 2008

Small session ... non event

Dropped a few BBs in a less than 30 minute session. Had a nice seat next to a 60/45/5/40 player, but I just didn't seem to hit anything, and when I had my JJ overpair to the board his T4s flopped a 4 and rivered a T ... Add in a few more reasonable pots on hands like that and even with a couple hands that hold up I still end up down for the session.

This weekend i'll be trying to clear some more interpoker mpps. I've only done maybe 350 so far and need 1,500 to clear my bonus by 30 November. Plenty of time, but i'd rather be ahead of schedule than behind. The next weekend I should also be able to put in a bit of time at the tables so should get myself well in front of schedule.

Hoping to start running a little better on Interpoker, as i'm still at -3bb/100 there from 1,000 hands or so. But I guess its an improvement over the -10BB/100 that I was running at after starting off super cold.

Don't have much time today so i'll leave it there. Post again after the weekend, where surely I will be 100BBs up .... heh

Current bankroll: $13,350

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