Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The importance of a large backup room

Whilst clearing away these bonuses and various deals on smaller poker rooms, I've noticed that its important to have a larger site as a back up to play on when traffic is poor. Its even more relevant to me, as being on Aussie time, my evenings are generally when most sites have their lowest number of players. In some cases there is not even a single table running at my game/stakes.

So, which is my site of choice? Fulltilt. I know Fulltilt gets knocked a fair bit on sites like 2p2 as a site where non Americans should avoid as other sites are softer. I find however, that although there are many tight players on Full Tilt, you are also able to table select a lot more, as more tables are actually running. That actually allows you to target the fish.

The other thing I like about Fulltilt is the relatively smaller rake structure for the games I play. I pay significantly less rake there than on say ipoker or cryptologic. So even though the rakeback is a bit lower at 27%, since i'm paying less rake in total, it basically evens out, or actually puts Fulltilt in front at some levels. (Although at 27% rakeback its still well in front of Pokerstars which is why I don't play there).

So when my tables have dried up on Bodog and Ipoker, Fulltilt is where you'll find me playing. My sign up of choice that i'd still recommend is raketherake (link on right) for the standard 27% rakeback as well as various races and freerolls.

I did put in an hour of play last night, and suffered a number of terrible beats on the $1/2 tables on Fulltilt, which was more than offset by a 20BB profit on a single $2/4 table where the fish were biting nicely and I was just reeling them in. Bodog also paid off a few BBs from the one table that was running.

Current Bankroll: $13,650

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