Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Variance = upswing

Interesting how quickly things can change. I was almost redepositing on Interpoker only a couple days ago, and now all of a sudden i have nearly 200BBs for 1/2 on there, and 100 for 2/4. Admittedly its a lot less than i'd like to have, but considering I was less than half that a couple days ago, it's not a bad position to be in.

Got credited with around $50 in bonus and rakeback and then also played a very brief (around 15 minute session. So all up around 50 hands, of which about 15 were at $2/4 where I made another 20BBs. No real hands of interest, just all my TPTK hands held up, and a few of those went to the river 3 ways. My only nemesis hand of the session was 3 times I was up against 22 that had hit trips on the flop, and I called down with either top pair or two pair in each instance. Kind of odd to have trips hit against me so many times in such a small space of time, but I guess it happens sometimes.

Overall up around $100 for the session, thanks to some very loose fish who liked to call down.

In other news, it appears William Hill is moving to ipoker in January, so for anyone wanting rakeback on the ipoker network, this may be a way to get it. So if interested, feel free to sign up through RTR - link on the right hand side of my blog as always. Although based on what happened at Pacific, it would be more likely to work if you sign up sooner than later.

Current bankroll: $13,400

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