Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cake reload

Well it took a month of prayer, and Cake have come through with the goods in their halloween reload. Pity they charge a fairly hefty deposit fee against your MGR, but its still significantly EV+

Only got in a couple hours play in total over the weekend, and it started poorly when Bodog decided to keep on smashing me at the $1/2 tables. I had one table which had 65% of players seeing the flop, and managed to drop 40BBs in 120 hands. Ugly.

Also found a nice Interpoker table with two huge fish who had VPIPs of 90%. They also managed to suck out about 15BBs from me early, before the table fell to 3 handed. At this point i'd normally leave, but these two guys were obviously extremely loose, but were also very passive. They allowed me to take back all my losses and then gain about 10BBs through basic aggressive play when ever I hit hands.

I also had a couple Cake tables open although very few were running. One table was a $1/2 table where a two fish seemed to be eating me alive and I dropped another 20BBs. The other table was a $3/6 table with an average of 71% of players seeing the flop. Basically every flop was at least 4 ways, so obviously you had to hit your hand reasonably hard for it to hold up. I fluctuated a fair bit there before leaving a bit over 5BBs up when my nut flush draw hit, after my previous 4 had managed to miss in huge pots. Still .. it cleared some bonus points very quickly and would have earned me some reasonable rakeback.

Current bankroll: $13,850

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