Thursday, October 30, 2008

Great table, relatively poor position

Found a fanstastic, although high variance table last night with the average VPIP up around the 60% mark. It looked something like:

maniac 70/45/4/36
superfish 95/3/.3/40
maniac 65/55/5/45
Lag/Tag 25/18/2/35
tp 16/2/2/25

Obviously my seat was not ideal being to the right of the tag, however, since the table was so juicy, I just couldn't give it up. The tight passive on my left was kinda handy though, as he was folding almost every hand.

Each hand preflop would go Maniac 1 raises, Superfish calls, Maniac 2 generally raises, Lag/Tag either 3 bets or caps or folds, I either 3 bet or cap or fold, and tight passive folds.

Ended up being a pretty high variance session although I made about 20BBs mainly through playing premium hands that hit the flop hard. Lost a couple big pots such as when Maniac 1 opened and I 3 bet with AKo. Flop of AK5r, turn 3, river 8 and he flips over 42o .... go figure. Had a similar hand occur later as well, but may have been on another table.

The other benefit of that table would have been that every hand would have been raked significantly, so I will be getting a decent chunk of rakeback.

Funnily enough in the second half of my session I found another table with possibly the maniac of all maniacs. He was often 5 or 6 betting with 3rd pair, and I pulled in another 20BBs there in very quick time, basically calling down with any pair and even raising multiple times with only top pair. I will have to dig out some of the hands to post, as they were ridiculous. I've never seen anyone put in so many bets with such poor hands before.

Current bankroll: $13,750


The blindman said...

I disagree. That is a great position. tp on your left, biggest maniac two seats to your right, tag on your right. It means you can see the other tightish player's action before you enter which will save you from butting against him with modest hands when you really want to be heads up with the fishies. Sure, the tag will sometimes 3 bet to force you to fold - but your equity is still great when you get in.

parttimebonuschaser said...

Hmmm a good point, but i figure i'd be better off 3 betting him out of a bunch of pots, rather than him 3 betting me out of them, and only occasionally ramming a 4 bet into him.

Sure its nice to avoid him when he has a monster and 4 bets me though if he had position on me.

the tp is in the perfect position (although i dont really want a tp on the table at all come to think of it)

i guess if you do factor in everything the position isnt too bad.