Thursday, October 2, 2008

Still running well + free party cash

Only played all of 10 minutes last night, and still ended 15BBs up.

Won two key hands, firstly in a blind v blind battle with me in the BB with AA, and SB holding KK. Betting capped preflop, SB bets out the flop of A72r, I call. SB bets out blank turn, I raise, SB calls. SB checks blank river, I raise, SB calls and shows KK ... I think that's the maximum I could have gotten there.

Only other hand was when a fairly aggro LAG raised from the button preflop and I have A7s in the BB. I am the only caller. Flop is 568r and he bets out, which I then raise with the OESD and the A. He calls. Turn is an A which he bets out, so I raise, he reraises and I call. River is a Q. He checks .. weird .. so I raise, he calls and flips over 77. He was drawing to 1 out to win the hand, and 8 to chop.

Party also gave me another $15 free (but restricted) money to play with, so I took that to the blackjack table. I only bet $10 on the first hand, which was kinda silly as I won that one, so took my $10 profit out to add to my bankroll. Second hand I put on $15 and dealer scores blackjack, so that's game over. Still .. $10 for free and about 2 minutes work I can't complain about.

Weekends comin up so thats it for me for the week.

Current bankroll: $13,350

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TiocfaidhArLa said...

Let me pose 2 questions ...

1) how do you update your chart and get it to appear. I love it and am very envious of the consistency of your results.

2) If a casino gives you $10 to place on a roulette single spin, what should you bet on - single number or odd/even, red/black?

The answer to 2) was an interesting aside in the Maths of Poker.