Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Interpoker bonus

Finally got round to checking how my bonus was going compared to rake on Interpoker.

Pokertracker2 tells me that i've paid approx $67 in rake. Interestingly, my RTR indicates a rake paid of $83. Not sure what the difference is - maybe PT2 is calculating contributed rake, versus RTR paying rakeback on dealt?

I've also earnt 280mpps - and need to get to 1,500mpps to clear $370 (150pounds + $120) in bonus cash. So effectively that's around $70 of the bonus cleared.

All up then my bonus appears to be clearing at around 100%, and then the cream on top is the rakeback of $27. Happy with the deal so far.

As far as play goes, I put in about half an hour last night, and started horrendously with a number of nasty suck outs in the space of 5 minutes putting me down by around 30BBs. One particularly nasty one was when I held AK on a board of AK8r. Turn 3, river 6. I got called all the way and reraised on the river by a guy showing down 66 ... wtf were they thinking. Add in a few similar beats and i'm ready to punch a hole in my monitor.

However, the remainder of the session was significantly improved, and these clowns kept calling down with trash, and my hands kept holding up. I also managed to hit a flush draw or two for the nut flush in a couple big pots which also helped. In the end I was around 15BBs up on a combination of $1/2 and $2/4 tables.

I also dabbled briefly on a full ring table which had a players per flop of 50%. Unfortunately by the 2nd orbit the 3 massive fish had busted out, so I quit as well after breaking even, but making quite a few MPPs just because they were building big pots every hand.

Current bankroll: $13,300

note to self next post - considering eurolinx through RTR to get back onto some fishy microgaming.


The blindman said...

Eurolinx have some rake races going at the moment, but they look to be pretty competitive. I joined up last week (and promptly pushed $100 up to $180).

parttimebonuschaser said...

Yeah I won't be racing, well this month at least, but I do want to make sure I have a long term deal (hence why i'm thinking Eurolinx thru RTR) on prima, as there are often soft tables there that i've noticed when clearing other bonuses.

The blindman said...

Actually, it might be possible to sneak into the $100 position in the RTR rakerace on Eurolinx. Looks like 3000 points is the benchmark, which probably amounts to 2000-2500 hands playing mainly 1/2 and 2/4. Looks feasible. How these guys manage 60,000 points I will never know - 20 tabling bots perhaps.

parttimebonuschaser said...

yeah that wouldn't be too difficult, but i'm focussing on the interpoker one this month and next month until I get my 1,500mpps there which limits my other sites a bit.

60k .... sheesh.