Sunday, August 31, 2008

New bonus site

Okay my new bonus site actually paid out, so i'm reasonably confident with them!

I signed up with rakeaway:

I did the Everest bonus and Pokertime bonus through them and was successfully paid out. (They both cleared extremely quickly!!)

And did a couple of their bonuses that are actually through Regalos Poker. Thing is, rakeaway actually gives you an additional bonus on top of the Regalos Poker cash bonus, so its definitely worth using rakeaway for Regalos bonuses.

The other bonuses, well, I will either go through rakeaway, or through the people i've already signed up through if i'm already signed up on their referring site, as there doesn't seem to be any additional bonuses.

It is a very good site though, possibly the best i've found for comparing bonuses, and clearance rates, so i'd highly recommend taking a look.

Anyways if you're interested please use my referal link :)

Also bear in mind that you don't want to use the one off bonus deals on sites where you are likely to want to play on long term and are better off with rakeback. I'd still recommend raketherake for all your long term deals, as well as rakebackstat if you're interested in Bodog. (Links on right)

I found an error with Rakebackstat the other day, which was actually a Bodog error, and Rakebackstat still gave me a credit of $10 just for finding the error. Kudos to their customer service. They also report daily stats which is handy.

I'm off on holiday so i'll catch everyone again in a week's time when i'm back and at the tables.

Cheers all!

Current bankroll: $11,450


Nick said...

Hope Sept is better for you.

The blindman said...

Thanks for the tip about rakeaway. That's a great site - it provides exactly the sort of bonus to bonus comparisons that I have failed to find at every other review and affiliate site.