Monday, August 11, 2008

Another day, another sick beat

Got in all of 20 minutes, but what a sick little session.

I scored AA one hand, and got one caller from the BB. Flop was AhKs2d, turn 7s, river 3s. Big blind turns over 4s2s for the flush .... very next orbit, I score KQo, and same guy calls from the big blind. Flop K72r. Turn J, river 5. He flips over 52o ... ARGH

Had a few other nasty one's but they're the one's that come to mind. Had one other huge hand which was quite interesting and wish I had the history.

I held QQ in middle position. UTG limped in, I raised, the button reraised, UTG called 2, then I capped. Flop was KJT with 2 spades - my queen was also a spade. So I had an okay holding although the 3bet preflop from the button could easily lead to him having AK or possibly even AK, JJ, TT. UTG checked, so I bet out with my OESD and 2nd pair. The button then raised, and UTG again called 2 cold. Turn was 6s which gave me the 2nd nut flush draw and still my OESD. UTG checked, so I checked, and the button bet again. River was 3s giving me the 2nd nuts. UTG checked, I bet, button folded, UTG then reraised ... and then flipped over ATo .. his A being the spade giving him the nuts. WHO THE FU@@ calls a 3bet from out of position with ATo utg preflop??? Anyways that pot was close to $100 so would have made a big difference to my session.

On the plus side, Littlewoods paid out all their bonuses to me, so I have now done a withrawal from there. Also withdrew my whole balance from GNUF as well, as I cleared that PSO bonus last month. Will start my Everest PSO bonus shortly.

I think I will also be cashing out a couple $k in the near future as well. May as well have it earning interest rather than just sitting in neteller or on poker rooms.

Current bankroll: $10,950

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L4Y SP said...

A 10 off . Fabulous stuff . No wonder i have very little hair left.