Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sometimes things go your way

Signed up at a new site, and decided to play one orbit on a table to make sure I was tracking correctly to my affiliate.

I started narrowing down the tables by selecting to only show non-empty tables from limits $1-2 to $4-8. There were only 3 running and only one at $2/4 so I figured i'd just join that one for a round.

Didnt realise till after i'd posted my BB that the table was no limit! Oh well. I figured i'd just play till the next BB - who knows .. i might get lucky.

In the BB my first hand was 96o - UTG raise it 3.5BB and one caller, so I obviously fold. Flop was 964r .. ARGH.

Limped into one other hand after one other limper with 96s but whiffed the flop.

For my last hand I was effectively in MP with one player sitting out and here it is:

- hero sitting in seat 1 with $90.00
- storstekarn sitting in seat 2 with $639.00
- Unifett sitting in seat 3 with $876.50 [Dealer]
- stevecfia sitting in seat 4 with $478.00
- Znoppo sitting in seat 5 with $392.90
- _Frida_ sitting in seat 6 with $506.00 [Sitting out]

stevecfia posted the small blind - $2.00
Znoppo posted the big blind - $4.00
** Dealing card to hero: 4 of c, 4 of h
hero raised - $12.00 (though i might take a punt here. table looked tight)
storstekarn called - $12.00 (hmm)
Unifett folded
stevecfia folded
Znoppo called - $12.00 (doh)

** Dealing the flop: 6 of s, 10 of h, Q of s (not a big fan of both a Q and T on the flop)
Znoppo checked
hero checked (i probably should cbet here but chickened out as i was not sure what i'd do if i got check/raised - well i'd probably fold i think)
storstekarn checked

** Dealing the turn: 4 of d (omfg .. bingo)
Znoppo checked
hero bet - $25.00 (well i have about 75 left, so if i bet 1/3 pot here, i can go all in on the river. hopefully no spade turns up)
storstekarn folded
Znoppo called - $25.00 (hmm guess he has a Q or T?)

** Dealing the river: 9 of c (sweet - surely no 87)
Znoppo checked
hero went all-in - $53.00 (i'm pushin)
Znoppo called - $53.00
hero shows: 4 of c, 4 of h
Znoppo mucks: A of c, 10 of s (hehe)
hero wins $191.00 from the main pot (ty)


The blindman said...

Lol, nice 1. But jees - AT at $400NL? That's plain insane.

parttimebonuschaser said...

hehe it could easily have been at $600NL if it was a $3/6 table showing.

Will teach me to make sure I have the filter selected to limit rather than no limit.

I think that was called learning a lesson the easy way ....