Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ice cold

Well, not quite ice cold, but not far off. Played a little over half an hour, and whilst dropping down early, coming back to even, I still managed to drop again towards the end of the session.

Of the 4 tables I had running 2 were juicy $2/4 tables, 1 was an average $2/4 table where I had good position on the one fish, and 1 was a fantastic $3/6 table with 3 big fish, and a couple tight passives.

Unfortunately for me the fishiest table dealt me beat after beat and missed draw after missed draw. I ended up with results that have been similar to recent efforts. Winning 2 hands out of 46 on the table. One of those was a cbet on the flop even, so a reasonaly ugly session all round. The hand I won though was a decent size pot, so all in all I only ended up down about $50.

Couple hands from a $2/4 fish:

Hand 1:

** Dealing card to Hero: 6 of d, 8 of d
STUpid_UNGAR folded
Wantmore folded
Hero raised - $4.00 (worth a steal from the button)
zidane6999 folded
newhero called - $4.00 (40% vpip player .. a little fishy post flop too)
** Dealing the flop: 5 of c, 7 of c, 9 of h (luv floppin the nuts. 2 clubs only conern)
newhero bet - $2.00
Hero called - $2.00 (might raise the turn here i think)
** Dealing the turn: 5 of d
newhero bet - $4.00
Hero raised - $8.00 (ty .. although the board pairing does suck a little)
newhero called - $8.00
** Dealing the river: 9 of c
newhero checked
Hero bet - $4.00 (hmm club and board paired again ... i should really check here i think. is a worse hand really going to call?? doubt it)
newhero raised - $8.00 (oh oh)
Hero called - $8.00 (i still cant let it go, but i'm sure I should here)
newhero shows: 3 of c, Q of c (wtf? he's reraised with a flush on a double paired board? argh)
Hero mucks: 6 of d, 8 of d
newhero wins $42.75 from the main pot

Hand 2:

Frisky99 posted the small blind - $1.00
newhero posted the big blind - $2.00
** Dealing card to Hero: A of h, J of c
STUpid_UNGAR called - $2.00
Wantmore folded
Hero raised - $4.00 (easy raise from mp)
zidane6999 folded
Frisky99 folded
newhero raised - $6.00 (hmm ... interesting .. isolating?)
STUpid_UNGAR called - $6.00 (fish)
Hero called - $6.00
** Dealing the flop: A of d, 4 of d, 8 of s (nice .. only behind aa,ak,aq .. so in front of a huge amount of his 3 betting range).
newhero bet - $2.00
STUpid_UNGAR folded
Hero raised - $4.00 (lets see if i'm in front)
newhero called - $4.00 (looks like it)
** Dealing the turn: 4 of s
newhero checked
Hero bet - $4.00 (value bet ..)
newhero called - $4.00
** Dealing the river: 9 of c
newhero bet - $4.00 (weird .. he has donked after calling a turn bet .. )
Hero called - $4.00
newhero shows: 9 of h, A of c (u gotta be f'n kidding. he's sucked out again with a 3 outer this time ... FFS ... interesting to note the 3bet with A9o from the button. F'n lucky c*** ... GRRRR .. that hand would have put me back even for the session)
Hero mucks: A of h, J of c
newhero wins $40.85 from the main pot

Obviously that particular $2/4 table didn't go well either ...

Current bankroll: $10,700

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