Sunday, August 24, 2008

A handy little session

Didn't actually get much time to play poker on the weekend, and in the hour that I got in to play, there were very few tables open worth actually playing on.

For my ultimate bet bonus, there were exactly 0 tables open at the stakes that I wanted, so that cut that out. Cake had one table open at the $3/6 level and no other tables worth considering.

I decided to sign up for another bonus as well. Will see how that goes and if the affiliate actually pays out before mentioning it on here though. That being said, their site had exactly 0 tables running between $1/2 and $4/8 at the time I signed up as well. (That's where my previous post happened though, where I accidently played an orbit of NL400 instead of limit $2/4).

Anyways, the Cake table turned out to be superb. A couple of decent fish, and every time I had a hand it seemed any othe LAG/TAG would also have a hand, but a slightly weaker one. Finally cracked the $11,000 mark where I ended the session, so things are starting to look a little better.

I also cashed out another $2,000 the other day, as i'd rather have the money earning interest than sitting in a poker or neteller account.

Since my hands were at Cake I dont have any history to post but there were some great fishy plays by my opponents, and one LAG/TAG who decided to raise every street whilst holding 62o versus my top pair. TY.

Hopefully will do some more UB and clear my new bonus this week though, or at least on the weekend.

Current bankroll: $11,050


The blindman said...

If you come across any particularly good bonuses, do suggest them for my bonus hall of fame.

By the way, am I tracking to you correctly for PSO and RTR?

nemo said...

The bankroll is looking mighty sweet mate! Keep up the good work!

parttimebonuschaser said...

no worries blindman. yep, you are tracking fine - you have only opened wh on rtr right?

cheers nemo!

The blindman said...

WH on RTR, and now two bonuses completed on PSO.