Sunday, August 10, 2008

Party reload cleared

Got in about 5 hours on the weekend, which is quite a lot for me. Admittedly though 3 of those hours were whilst watching the Olympics so I only had one table open, so it didn't result in a huge amount of hands being played.

That being said, I cleared my $100 3x reload bonus on party within that time, so that was a super quick clearing bonus.

Party however, is a bit of a pain in the ass. Its quite difficult to tell which tables are likely to be fishy, so in my first 2 hours when I was 3 tabling I think I would have opened and closed at least 30 tables in the attempt to find a few fishy ones, or to have decent position on an only slightly fishy table.

It did start off quite well though, and the first 2 hours resulted in about 25BBs of profit, and cleared over half of the bonus reload bonus. Then in my second session I ran into the guppy of death.

The guppy of death ran at 70/0.1/50/55 effectively winning 1/3 of all hands played on a full 6max table over 150 hands. If the pot wasn't raised the guppy of death would limp in every time. If it was raised, he'd still limp in quite often. If he hit any piece of the flop he would call all the way to the river. More often than not, the turn or river would improve his hand significantly and take down the pot.

I lost 50BBs to a huge series of runner runner flushes and straights, river two pairs and trips and various other nasty beats like the usual river A versus my pair of Ks. My AA got hammered by 86s ... which flopped one suited card on a K62r board and flushed by the river ... Eventually however I managed to get about 15 BBs back by the time I quit the table and cleared my bonus to end up around $50 for the weekend. It could and should have been better ... but i'm sure that super hot run will come to me soon!

Current bankroll: $10,750 (+360 Aug)


The blindman said...

Nice one. Shame about the Guppy of death.

Looking for good tables is one thing I probably don't do enough. I can be on a tough table, and know it's tough, but my competitive instincts make me keep playing. If I'm down on a table I often want to recover my losses before I quit (which sometimes means I bust out first). It's a leak, and one I will need to learn to plug.

parttimebonuschaser said...

Table selection is basically automatic for me now - a force of habit from doing it over and over again. If there isn't a fish or two I will quit at the next big blind whether up or down at the time.

The way I initially viewed it was that quitting a bad table is a sign that i'm actually playing well and should even be rewarded for quitting, whereas continuing to play on a bad table is a sign of tilt which I like to avoid at all costs.

The only time i'm tempted to try to recover losses is when the table is still fishy, and I may stay a little longer in that case as I do have a positive expectation.

The blindman said...

When you post stats like 70/0.1/50/55, which is which? I'm new to all this stats shorthand.

parttimebonuschaser said...

70 = vpip% (very high = fish!)
.1 = preflop raise % (very low = passive preflop = fish)
50 = Went to showdown

hmmm the last 55 i've put is won $ at showdown, but i think normally you'd put aggression factor (AF) here (my mistake). I think guppy's AF was about 0.6 which is quite passive too .. so he was almost the perfect fish.