Sunday, August 3, 2008

Disaster averted

Only had time for a little under a couple hours on the weekend which started disasterously.

Playing $4/8 on bodog I found a superb table which had a couple fish on my right who were playing most pots, and calling down with almost nothing in many cases. However, for me, whenever I did hit a hand it seemed like a runner runner straight, flush or full house was always out to get me. In no time, i'd dropped my entire 25BB buy in and had bought in again, only to see the 2nd buy in disappear just as quickly.

At one stage I was holding AKo preflop and raised to have 3 callers on a flop was AK8r. I've bet out and got called by two fish. Turn is a 9 of the 4th suit which takes out any possiblity of a flush, so I bet out again. River is a 7. My raise is then reraised, which I call and he flips over 65o ... I mean WTF??? And this wasn't a one off. Surely these guys were going to pay me back eventually? .. surely ... ?

The table was so good, there was just no way that I could quit it unless I ran out of time to play or the fish left. Over the next half hour the fishes gave me back 30BBs of the 55BBs i'd been down by at one stage, but disappointingly the fish left, so I quit the table.

Found a couple other big fish on Cake $3/6, including one aggro muppet who kept betting no matter what. Got irritating early when he 3bet my KK with 42o only for him to reraise the flop and hit a gutshot straight on the turn. Thankfully he then proceeded to donate a heap back, and I ended up about 15BBs up to return myself to even for the weekend.

Still waiting for that session that starts up rather than the usual hole I keep digging myself into. Thinking about it, I should get a fairly large chunk of rakeback for those couple hours, so should be up maybe $20 or $30. Will wait and see. I guess it could have been a LOT worse after the start.

Current bankroll: $10,750 (+360 Aug)


L4Y SP said...

That is pretty scary . I dont think I could have dug myself out.

parttimebonuschaser said...

Hmm i didnt really think about it that way. I was more thinking this table is juicy and there's no reason why i shouldnt be winning big time, so I kept on playing.

I think you have to reward yourself for keeping on playing on good tables even if losing, and at the same time congratulate yourself every time you quit a table even when you're winning but the fish have gone.