Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How to lose 100BBs in 2 hours

Short story: run like ass

Slightly longer story:
  1. Sit down at a couple $3/6 6max tables which contain 1 maniac and at least 2 big fish each.
  2. Hit quite a few starting hands, so have a vpip of just over 30%
  3. Dont hit too many flops or turns.
  4. Have a went to showdown an extremely low 21% over 2 hours!!!
  5. Every suck out and runner runner draw must hit against you by the river
  6. You must never hit any draws at all
  7. Your W$SD needs to be around 12%
  8. (In my case I won 3 showdowns in 2 hours .....)
  9. Say goodbye to 100BBs

Single worst hand was a $150 pot. I pick up AA. Preflop betting is capped 3 ways. Flop is A62r. Sweet. Post flop betting is capped! Turn is a T. Turn betting is almost capped i think. maybe 3 bet. River is a 9. I bet out and get raised. Now here i'm thinking well .. there's no flush draw on the board. I have top set. The only possible way I can lose is if someone has 87 who called 3 bets preflop, and then a capped flop bet with only a backdoor straight draw..... Of course muppet shows down 87o .. wtf!!!

Current Bankroll: $10,750 ... ARGH


The blindman said...

Ai caramba!

I've run bad, but I don't know if I ever ran that bad over 2 hours.

Reminds me of a session on Pacific where I picked up big pocket pairs time after time after time, and had them cracked again and again and again.

That 87o example is the worst I have ever seen. If ever there was a hand that would make me believe a poker room is rigged, that is it. What site was it out of interest?

parttimebonuschaser said...


L4Y SP said...

unbelievable but it's nice to know you're only human after all. lol

parttimebonuschaser said...

haha yeah .. this month not much has gone my way .. whats happend to your blog? still goin?

i've also seen graphs on 2p2 of people going for a few hundred thousand hands of breakeven .. that would be irrirating

parttimebonuschaser said...

oh by tilt i mean fulltilt