Tuesday, August 26, 2008

UB bonus cleared .. and a better session

Was off work sick today and got in about 3 hours of play, starting the day by finishing my UB bonus just 2 tabling for about an hour.

The rest of the time I was playing on Cake playing $3/6 and $2/4 and a bit on microgaming at $2/4 but they have screwed up their software for the moment resulting in no hand histories, and therefore no Pokertracker.

Manual notes here we go again .....

That actually seemed to suit me, as I managed to win a solid 50BBs in the 3 hours, as well as clearing the $125 bonus. Should have also earnt a bit of rakeback on cake as well come to think of it.

A quick check of my stats on UB, where I showed a loss of $18 in the time it took to clear my bonus:
  • Hands 559
  • VPIP 27.19 ... hmm a bit low .. must not have got too many starting hands. Although actually i think i was next to a maniac for a bit too.
  • WTSD 34% .. hmm a bit low .. i guess i didnt hit my hands too often. Annoying.
  • W$SD 53.57% ... about right.
For my new bonus i'm also over half way through, so will see if that one pays out, as that should also be a decent bankroll boost. At least this month is looking a little better now!

Current bankroll: $11,350

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