Monday, August 4, 2008

Eaten alive by the fish

Found myself a great $3/6 table and proceeded to get slaughtered by a couple of fish in the space of 30 minutes. Dropped about 20BBs in very quick time, although any one of about 5 hands could have won me back that much as the pots were all quite huge with all the fish at the table, but my draws just refused to hit.

When I did have a hand, sheesh .. was it suck out after suck out. Several times the fish would call down with one single overcard to the board, and seemed to hit it every time. For some reason Q8o was a good hand and worth calling down versus my TT and a flop of 962r and of course a Q would river. Another hand I had Ad4d flop of 3d5d9s giving me a gutshot and nut flush draw. Of course it misses and the guy calling a preflop raise with 97o in middle position wins with top pair.

In the end of the session I checked a couple of the other guys stats -

One, who I will dub 'superfish' was running at a super hot 70% VPIP, showing down 55% of the time and winning 75% of those showdowns. His BB/100 was well over 100 for 70 hands.

The second major fish on the table was a slightly tighter 50% VPIP and only went to showdown 50% of the time, and won 65% of these showdowns.

So, after those two, no one else at the table really won much at all, although one other fish was showing a slightly positive BB/100. Frustrating once again, but I will stick at it. The fish will pay me off!

Current bankroll: $10,650 (+360 Aug)


The blindman said...

Hang in there - I know the feeling!

How many tables at a time do you play at these levels (3/6-4/8)?

parttimebonuschaser said...

Depends if i'm playing on bodog with no HUD then i'll only play 2 as i will be taking lots of notes.

if i'm on a site that supports PT and a hud then i will play 3 ... possibly 4 if i'm giving it absolutely 100% attention.

its probably not a lot compared to some people, although some of the threads i've read on 2p2 on 6max limit holdem seem to indicate that most of the better players do not actually play many more than 4 tables.

The blindman said...

Three seems to be my limit. If I play four tables I find myself struggling to keep up and making the occasional poor decision or even misclick.

I need to get a HUD happening. Unfortunately, PT3 doesn't work on my laptop and I haven't yet resolved the problem. But I need to sort that out soon, as I am playing without the best info.

L4Y SP said...

Christ almighty . Those stats are unbelievable . It seems so unfair when i'm struggling along at miniscule BB/100 . It seems so tempting to donk along with them . Get thee behind me satan. Adam

The blindman said...

Don't be tempted Adam. I'll bet those fish have a big fat negative over the month..